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5 great ways to inject humour into your wedding ceremony

If you are a couple who love to laugh and have lots of memories of hilarious events that have taken place throughout your relationship, it makes total sense that you would want this to come across during your wedding ceremony.

Don’t be someone you are not on your wedding day, after all, this day is all about YOU and your loved one, celebrating your love for each other and the commitment you are making. So, why avoid expressing yourselves as you normally would in front of your friends and family? Own it!


If you have chosen a Celebrant who can create a ceremony which is written especially for you, then make sure you give them lots of content to work with. Stories from your relationship work brilliantly, as a lot of the time friends and family will have heard them or experienced them with you, and can connect to the stories being told.

Or, maybe no one has ever heard certain stories before, which is even more of a reason to bring them out for the first time on your wedding day!

Think about your first date, clumsy mistakes you made, parties, or your funniest/weirdest habits and moments which make you laugh – or even cringe – every time you think about them.


One of my favourite ways to introduce a little humour into ceremonies is through the vows.

They are one of the most important and emotional parts of your wedding ceremony, so be real and tell it like it is. There are plenty of ways to go about it, here are a few ideas:

“I promise to support you through it all, no matter what.

Even when your panicking because your hair is two inches shorter when you only asked for a trim,

Or when you are crying for absolutely no reason at all. I will be here for you.”

Or for football fans:

“Thank you for being my best friend,

I promise to love, honour and respect you,

Unless Chelsea win the Champions league – then I’ll need a few days to cool off.

But I will still love you. I’m telling you this now because it’s not looking good for you, sorry.”


This is such a great way to add some fun, personality and uniqueness, and to get your guests sitting up and taking notice – or even cheering you on from their seats!

Games can be used however you want, but one great idea is to do it before the vows, to decide who goes first.

If you are a couple who love competing, I’m sure you have some favourites of your own, but some cool ideas are:

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Hand clapping (The one who misses the clap loses and goes first)

Snap (For the card game lovers)

Dance off!


The readings throughout a ceremony are an easy and wonderful way to add some funny words into your ceremony, without you even having to be involved!

Choose the friends or family members who you feel would be able to capture your personalities the most during the ceremony, and either give them free rein to choose a reading, give them a list of ones you like to choose from, or decide as a couple which you think reflect you the best and will make people think of you and laugh and ask them to read them out. Or, read one yourself if you are feeling up for it?


Everyone has songs which remind them of someone or that bring back memories. Your friends and family will have ones that remind them of you too. Ask them what they are and you might be surprised!
Maybe that iconic tune that played on the night in the club when you first met? Or the theme to your favourite movie? Or something which exaggerates your personalities or your relationship?

Ceremonies normally have 3 moments throughout where you can choose the music played, on the entrance, the signing of the certificate, and the exit as a married couple.

Imagine signing your certificate to Yeah! by Usher, or exiting to the Star Wars theme tune?

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