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Ibiza Wedding Flower Trends 2018

While in the past years soft greenery and ethereal arrangements were on trend, this 2018 is all about a return to boldness and vibrancy. This year, we see flowers that don’t hold back, from sultry colour combinations to surprising and eye-catching details, like wreaths, asymmetrical centrepieces and bohemian mandalas. Ready to discover more?


This year there is a very special flower, ready to be incorporated in any bouquet. It’s called anthurium and maybe even though you’ve seen it before you never imagined it could be part of your wedding! This tropical flower fits perfectly for bohemian or beach wedding arrangements, but you can also pair them with traditional flowers, such as roses and lisianthus for a classic-meets-modern look.

Photo by Nomada Workshop

Photo by Alchemy Events


Especially popular here in Ibiza, you see mandalas everywhere – from interior design to fashion.  So was just really a matter of time before this symbol will be part of any Ibiza wedding. You can incorporate mandalas in your wedding by placing flowers, individual petals and other decorative pieces into symmetrical, round patterns for a look that is artistic – you can build a giant mandala at your altar to surround you and your spouse as you say “I do”!

Photo by Floriography


Circles are taking over in every way, shape and form — from green foliage circle used as a ceremony arch to bridesmaids carrying wreaths in place of traditional bouquets. We are also seeing couples incorporating giant circular backdrops into their weddings – which make a very dramatic backdrop! The great thing about this trend? It’s so easy to personalise, whether you want a dainty ring of flowers or a boho-inspired greenery wreath.

Photo by Luxe Event Productions

Photo by The Events Lounge


Keep the beer and wine flowing, but when it comes to making a real “just married” statement, it’s all about the signature cocktail. Flowery flavours are on the rise and you can add a personal touch to your signature cocktail by incorporating some delicious florals – from the most classic elderflower, or roses to lavender, hibiscus and peonies.

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Seek help from the experienced wedding florists in Ibiza to know more about incorporating the latest wedding flowers trends into your wedding.

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