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3 Reasons Why Autumn Weddings Are The Best

When thinking about getting married in Ibiza, most couples dream about the months of May, June and September, partially because of the good weather, the assurance that all island businesses are open and the convenience of being able to fly directly to Ibiza from all over Europe.

The popularity of summer for getting married, creates higher demand for wedding packages in restaurants and hotels, in addition to a demand for suppliers such as photographers, hair and make-up artists, caterers, cake designers and more. But there is a less popular wedding season, which is usually overlooked, but it offers the same appeal of summer, the quiet autumn!

Here’s 3 reason why you should start consider autumn for your wedding in Ibiza:

Glorious Autumn Sunlight

If there is one thing that’s special during this time of the year is the golden light. Ask any wedding photographer in Ibiza and they’ll tell you, autumn has the best light for photos. It’s very special! But what is it about the autumn light that makes it so special? By day, the skies are clear and blue, without that perma-haze of super-hot summer days and as the sun arcs across to the west it takes on a golden quality that turns landscapes into masterpieces, beaches into postcards and the old town into a fairytale. And that’s before the majestic sunset sees the sky take on kaleidoscopic hues of pink, amber, gold and violet and lets the dark finally settles.

Mild Weather

The weather is still beautiful during this time of the year plus you’ll breathe a sigh of relief on your big day as the temperature is much more comfortable than during the high season! This means you don’t have to worry that your make-up will sweat off, your girlfriends can still wear pretty summer dresses, while men can feel a lot more comfortable in suits than in the harsh summer sun.

Good Value For Money

You’ll have a wider choice of venues, with many offering lower rates in the month that is still technically considered low-season, plus much more availability to choose from. Value for money continues when it comes to the aforementioned suppliers, with many open to negotiations when it comes to fees and hours. Private villas too may be open to offering shorter rental periods than the typical seven-day standard of summer – ideal for group accommodation, or even as your wedding venue.

Want to know if autumn is the right season for you to get married? Take this test: Find Your Ideal Ibiza Wedding Season.

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