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5 mistakes people make when planning their wedding – And how to avoid them!

Regardless of whether you are throwing a huge 3-day wedding or a small garden gathering, a lot of planning goes into organising your big day. There will always be some things that are out of your control, but there are plenty of things you can do to make sure your planning process and the big day go as smoothly as possible.

Here are a few examples of mistakes that are often made, and how you can avoid them!

This is a personal choice for every couple, but it should be the first thing that is discussed and agreed upon once you have your wedding budget in mind and normally comes down to the decision between number of guest’s vs quality of suppliers.

Perhaps you have huge families and want as many people as possible to be around you on your big day – sounds awesome! So, instead of spending out the big bucks on a three-course meal for everyone in attendance, why not have a big BBQ, grazing tables, or food trucks.

Alternatively, maybe the location, catering, beautiful flowers, detailing of the décor or your accommodation are the most important to you, do it! But, ask yourself how many people you really need to invite, as it will change the pricing dramatically.

Stretching yourself and having to make sacrifices in places you didn’t initially want to can be avoided by setting out a clear priority list when you first begin your planning.

Your suppliers are the people who you have employed to create the wedding day you have dreamed of, if you have a time limit to pay them, make sure it is in your calendar a few days before the due date, so that you can make sure you have the money available and ready to send to them.

Especially on Ibiza and other destinations which revolve around a busy season, suppliers will be extremely busy with lots of clients and weddings to work on, so don’t risk losing your booking or create the need for them to chase you for it.

And if you need to make any final payments on the wedding day, make sure it runs smoothly by preparing them in advance, in envelopes with names and amounts on the front.

Double check each one before the day so that you can simply hand them out, or even better, give the envelopes to someone you trust to take care of the distribution for you.

Have you found a supplier you like and want to book them for your wedding day, but feel like it’s too soon, or simply want to wait a bit longer before putting down a deposit?

Take your time and do your research to make sure that you find the people who are best suited to you, but try not to leave it too long.

It might seem like your date is a long way off – and maybe it is – but, no matter how organised you think you are, there will always be a couple who is even more keen to get everything prepared far in advance. This way when it comes to the few months before – or even the year before – they can relax and concentrate on the finer details.

So, if you really like that videographer/venue/florist/fizz van – book it, or someone else might!

Don’t let your inbox get full of unanswered emails from suppliers and vendors.

First of all, it will just make your to-do list even longer than it is, which I’m sure you don’t need.

And secondly, if they are asking you questions, they need an answer. Don’t leave them waiting for too long for your reply.

These questions might not seem urgent to you at the time, but most suppliers will have a time limit to do certain things (such as order in the wine that you want, print out your ceremony script, or make your handmade bouquet), especially if they are busy with lots of other weddings.

If you have chosen to write your own vows, give a reading during your ceremony or a speech at the reception, give yourself plenty of time to work on them.

These are some of the loveliest moments of your wedding day, when you can speak from the heart about the reason you are there, marrying the wonderful person beside you, and to give thanks to the people who have all come to support you and celebrate with you.

Don’t rush them, start a few months or weeks ahead of the big day and pick them up every couple of days to read over them again and make any changes.

It will be worth it!

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