The bridal look: five different types of brides

By Maddalena Scarpellini | 14th November 2018 | Blog categories: Wedding Blog, Wedding Ideas

One of the biggest concern for a bride is of course the look she will have on her big day. A day in which she will be the centre of attention, that’s why is important that you think about it properly.

It’s possible that you don’t really know where to start from, are you a more classic bride or a modern one? Read on to find out which one you would like the most.

The classic bride is a timeless style, you can’t get wrong with it. It embodies elegance and simplicity. For traditional brides, the ideal is to opt for natural makeup with pink lips and soft blush. Complement the look with stylish accessories and a classic veil.

The vintage bride pays homage old school. The romantic look is achieved with bold red lips, enhanced brows, and big, dark eyelashes (completed with some winged liner) on quite a pale face. There’s just a hint of colour in the cheeks. Later vintage makeup looks, such as those of the 60s, give more focus to the eyes. The hairstyle for this type of bride is a pin-curl updo, sideswept ponytail, loose bun or long loose curls.

The bohemian bride is a romantic, free spirit. The style is characterised by being a bride who wants to break with the rules and show their own essence and personality. Loose updos, natural-looking waves and messy-chic braids are what wedding hairstyle dreams are made of—a style that looks touchable and trendy at the same time. Boho hairstyles can be easily dressed up or down depending on the accessories – flower crown for a more natural look or a couture hair accessory for sophisticated vibes.

The modern bride, the typical one who ignores the advice of her mother and her friends because she wants to be herself at all times. This kind of bride is bold and is not afraid to make a statement. Strong makeup, making special reference to the cheek area and betting on marked eyebrows. This type of bride usually allows herself to do any type of hairstyle: a midi cut, braid, high bun, surfer waves that are almost damp … Girlfriends determined and with personality!