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What You Need To Know Before Picking Your Wedding Menu

As important as finding the perfect place where celebrate the wedding reception is to find the ideal wedding menu. Do you want to know what you need to look for before making the final decision? Take good note. This post will be of great help!

1. Schedule a Meal Tasting

You’ve finally found the right caterer, but that is only the beginning of the planning. Once the caterer sent you the meal options available, make sure to plan a visit to the island to actually try it – something may look good on paper, but that doesn’t mean that it necessarily taste good!

2. Timing is key

As happens with wedding invitations, the ideal time to do your meal tasting is at least three months before the big day. So schedule this in advance. Also bear in mind to ask your guests if anyone has any special food requirement, intolerance or allergy so you can inform you carter with plenty of time.

3. Know what you want

Having a previous idea of what you want will help you evaluate the meal on the factors that you consider most important. Some of them? Without a doubt, the quality of the ingredients, the flavour, the presentation and how the menu will be served.

4. Drinks

Once you’ve defined the food menu, it’s time to think about the drinks that will be served. The menu test will help you choose the drinks menu to enjoy on your big day. Wine, cavas, cocktails, soft drinks, flavored waters, coffees, teas … The choices are endless and, therefore, you can choose everything you want, adapting the beverage menu to your tastes and needs!

5. Payment options

Before closing the deal, make sure you understand the final price (depending on the number of guests), the type of payments and what’s the amount of the deposit to pay before the big day. The clearer everything is, the better will be. Make sure to get everything written down, to avoid unpleasant surprise after your big day!

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