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Winter spirits – on-trend cocktails for your winter wedding

Make spirits bright at your winter wedding with a short, chic list of on-trend cocktails that are perfect for the cooler season. As noted in our previous wedding cocktail guide, it’s a good idea to create a small menu of, say, three to five cocktails. That means the bar only has to stock specific ingredients and the bartenders can be trained to make your drinks just the way you like them.

Here are 10 cocktails we love for a winter wedding.

This cocktail packs a flavour punch but is sweet enough to be easy-drinking. The basic combination is flat lemonade, ginger syrup, honey syrup and whisky. You can use bourbon or sherry-cask Scotch for a sweet, smooth finish. Choose a peaty lowland Scotch for a sophisticated, smoky twist.

The perfect showcase for a hearty Ibiza red wine, the New York Sour is a whisky sour with a red wine float. The classic whisky, lemon juice and simple syrup recipe is easy to pour. Finishing it off with a generous dollop of red wine adds warmth and a dash of colour.

Combine classic Ibiza ingredients to make this delicious winter drink. It calls for fresh rosemary, grapefruit juice, sea salt and vodka, capturing all the succulent savours of the island in one glass.

This is a sweet, pink drink that is just for grown-ups. It combines vodka, cointreau, lemon juice and allspice for a beverage that is as potent as it is pretty, with plenty of zesty seasonal flavour.

A big bowl of spiked punch is a classic buffet-table centrepiece. This punch uses two types of rum plus lemon, lime, sugar and fresh rosemary to make a distinctive drink that will have your guests queuing up.

If you love Negroni in the summer, try this wintery twist. Instead of gin, the Boulevardier uses rye whiskey along with Campari and vermouth to make a sleek, unique cocktail.

Keep your guests alert with a strong coffee cocktail like spiced Irish coffee. The combination of hot coffee, whisky, sugar and cream is made even more irresistible by the addition of warming winter spices.


For friends who don’t want to be dancing on the ceiling, a chai tea cocktail offers the same warming effect without the massive hit of caffeine. This toasty, spicy version uses chai tea, maple syrup and bourbon for a memorably marvellous mouthful.

Aged rum adds a rich, spicy note to this version of an Old Fashioned. All you need after that is a dash of bitters and some brown sugar for a superb take on the classic.

Another chance to use Ibiza’s wonderful wild rosemary, this rickey also uses fresh lime, cointreau, club soda and tart apple slices to create a mouth-watering drink. It is also lighter in alcohol, making it a good counter-balance to some of the stronger cocktails on the list.

What’s your favourite winter cocktail? Share in the comments!

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