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Why hire a professional DJ

Wedding music is a fundamental part of the celebration and especially so here on Ibiza, where the sun is shining and the weather is sweet – it already makes you want to get up on your dancing feet.

It’s important to hire a professional entertainer to ensure that your celebration runs in a smooth and impeccable way. A professional will cater to your every desire, keep all of your guests engaged and, consequently, make everything much easier for you to enjoy your special day.

From a technical point of view your wedding DJ does much more than just play music. He is responsible for coordinating the timeline, arranging the introduction, managing the flow of events and working closely with all the other suppliers involved. For all of these reasons you will want a DJ who is committed to your big day, someone who is confident and also has the skills to handle various situations throughout the celebration. He has to create the right vibes to provide a unique experience that your guests will never forget.

An experienced Dj should provide musical variety which will appeals to all of your guests, whatever their generation or favourite genre.
He won’t only play disco tunes but, because your wedding is an unique event, he’ll incorporate your preferences – because the music you choose should “decorate” your special day.

He’ll connect with the people and read the crowd to keep the momentum going. As a general rule, as the mood changes your entertainer needs to adjust the programme to maximise the time that your guests spend dancing throughout the event.

Most important the DJ you will hire has to be punctual and take your wedding seriously. He must avoid last minute cancellation and leaving you in the uncomfortable situation of having to look for another music performer at all cost! Also during your wedding he will have to be sociable and behave in a professional manner.

A professional DJ always has the right equipment and a professional system. In most cases they will also have back-up equipment, just in case something goes wrong. This means that no matter what, you can be certain that there will be hassle-free music at your wedding!

Through the music at your wedding you can truly express your love and celebrate your life together. This is why it is so important to hire someone who will consider your desires and contribute to making your wedding all the more special and unique.

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