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Wedding Vow Renewal in Ibiza

Ibiza is not only a beautiful destination to get married in the first place, but it’s also the perfect backdrop to renew your love. A wedding vow renewal ceremony is a beautiful way to reaffirm your marriage and demonstrate that you’ll do everything all over again in a heartbeat, plus what better way to celebrate your life together than with the family that you’ve created!

This ceremony has been popular in Spain for decades and is done to celebrate milestones in the marriage – 5 years, 10 years, 25 years and up to 60 with the celebration of the “diamonds wedding”. In other countries, these celebrations have become popular after the 1970s.

How beautiful is it to renew your wedding vows on the magical island of Ibiza?

Same as destination weddings, vow renewals involved some prior planning, but less work – because a vow renewal isn’t a legally binding ceremony like a first-time wedding, you can skip the homework about legal ceremony and go straight to the fun part!

How to plan the ceremony?

In your wedding renewal you have as much freedom as you want. You can opt for a spiritual, humanist or Buddhist ceremony and incorporate an alternative unity ceremony.

Where should it be?

You can renew your vows on a beach, in a pretty garden of a private villa, in the countryside or on top of a hill, on a boat or on the rooftop terrace of an hotel —basically, anywhere you want. We know that Ibiza boasts so many beautiful options, so find the right venue can be quite tricky. This is why to take the stress away, we have put together a mini guide featuring the 3 most popular venues, depending on location and style – beach restaurants, countryside agroturismos and private villas.

What actually happens during the ceremony?

You’ll exchange vows, recalling what you said when you were first married. You could also change the words and write original vows. This is a beautiful opportunity for both of you to think about how you feel about your relationship, especially if the last time you exchanged vows was a long time ago! After you’ve both spoken, exchange rings. These can be your original bands or new rings purchased expressly for the reaffirmation. During the ceremony many couples also involve their children and grandchildren, perhaps having them to bring the ring or do a reading or take part in the unity ceremony.

Should you have a reception?

Of course! The party can be any style, from an intimate family dinner to a cocktail party or dinner as large and complex as a traditional wedding reception. Be sure to hire a photographer to capture all the special moments.

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