Wedding stationery – what you need, paper vs digital

By Cila Warncke | 18th October 2017 | Blog categories: Planning Info, Wedding Blog

Wedding stationery is one of the most important elements of your big day. After all, there are no guests without invitations! These days, thanks to digital design and printing, you have a plethora of options with regards to design, colour, paper stock, and more. The key is to identify what style suits your personality and ceremony, and create stationery that reflects you. Here are a few things we’ve learned in years of designing wedding stationery.

Customise your “kit”

Traditional wedding stationery is formal and has several more items than you might expect. The invitation consists of the actual invite, a protective inner envelope, a card with details of the reception, and a RSVP card — all tucked in the main envelope. Additionally, most couples order stationary such as save-the-date cards (sent ahead of the invites), menus if the reception includes a meal, drinks menus, name cards, programs, and even maps. When planning, think about what the guests need to know and order items accordingly.

Order in advance

This goes double if you live on Ibiza and have to rely on the Spanish post! You should order your stationery at least three months before the wedding and plan to send invitations at least six weeks before the big day.

Make your mark

Choose a wedding stationery design that fits you and your wedding. You don’t need calligraphy and gold foil just because it is traditional, nor should you feel pressured to include certain design elements just because they are popular. Choose fonts, colours and patterns that echo the style of your wedding. A good designer will work with you to create something unique and personal.


Nothing is more embarrassing (or expensive) than realising there’s a typo smack in the middle of your invitations. Stress and pressure can lead to silly mistakes like misspelled names or mixed up addresses, so double and triple-check your text. It’s a good idea to ask at least two other people, preferably keen spellers, to read your invitations too.

Order generously

Always order a bit more than you think you need. Some invitations will get lost, some folks will drop out and you’ll want to invite others, and lots of family members will want invitations for keepsakes (after losing the first one). As a rule of thumb, order about 25 percent more than your original guest list.

Green stationary

Digital wedding stationery has become popular with couples looking to cut down on time, expense, paper and postage. Many opt for a blend of digital and print stationery, as it they still want the formality and personalisation of a physical invite. You can create all kinds of customisations, for example, digital save-the-dates and maps, but paper invitations and programs. Talk to your designer to create a package that is just right for you.

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