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Wedding season in Ibiza

For the rest of the world, the rhythm of Ibiza revolves around the opening and closing dates of the super-clubs of Ibiza. Local residents call it “The Season”, and the wedding season follows a similar pattern. Consequently, the island appears to officially “open” from May to October, which is when every major venue and other tourist related business is open. So if you are going to get married during the winter, this is something you need to consider.

The wedding season in Ibiza can be split into 4 seasons:
• Off-season: November to March
• Low season: April, early May and October
• Mid-season: Late May, June and September
• High Season: July and August.

Off-season is the least popular time of the year for weddings in Ibiza, but if you are brave enough to go for this time of the year, you will benefit from substantially lower prices! Not to mention the fact that mid-January/February are one perhaps the most magical times of the year on Ibiza – as typified by its picturesque almond trees in full blossom.

Low season corresponds to Autumn and Spring, which are also the seasons when the weather is at its most changeable. If you are planning an outdoor wedding, be sure to have a back up plan, as there is always the possibility of a rainy day. On the other hand, overall costs will still be a lot cheaper than at other times of the year. The island’s mood is relatively quiet, but these can both be lovely seasons to spend time on the island.

Mid-season is the most popular time for weddings on the Island. For this reason, be sure to book venues, entertainers and photographers well in advance! The weather is perfect, not too hot and not too humid. Whilst there will certainly be no shortage of sunny days and opening parties, there are far less tourists than in the summer, resulting in more intimate experiences all over the island.

High season coincides with Summer, which is when temperatures peak, as well as prices and the number of tourists on the Island. Some venues won’t entertain your wedding unless you are willing to pay a premium for exclusivity, which is something you should consider to ensure your privacy.
Otherwise you can have a look at the many other venues, which may be less popular or less well-equipped for hosting summer weddings, but can still be entrancing. Also, bear in mind the heat at this time of the year! You will be best advised to hold your celebration before or well after mid-day to avoid the ‘beach weather only’ hot sun. We know from our own previous experience of Summer weddings that your guests will thank you for this!

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