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Mini guide to help you choose your dream wedding venue

We know that with all the stunning wedding venues available on Ibiza, choosing the perfect place to celebrate your special day can be as much tricky as picking your dream bridal gown. We understand the importance of getting the right venue and book it well in advance, so then you can move on and start planning the details of your wedding day: colours, style, decor, food, etc., which should then fall into place once you have the right spot.

There are so many different options to consider, from restaurants on the beach, rural agroturismo in the beautiful countryside of the Island, to stunning villas with breathtaking views and secret corners where you can host an intimate celebration. There really is something out there to suit every kind of couple, it’s just a matter of making your own decision!

But…how do you decide where to hold your wedding? Where do you start? Let’s start with a pleasant news, there is no need to visit each venue to find out where you can host your celebration! To take the stress away, we have put together a mini guide featuring the 3 most popular venues, depending on location and style.

Beach Restaurant

Beach restaurants. Ibiza boasts more than 100 beach restaurants but only some of them have the capability, the quality of the food and the qualified staff to host a wedding. If you have always dreamed of a seaside wedding then you should consider these key points:

• Location, location, location. To make things easier, take into consideration the unique location of each restaurant. What you like the most, celebrate with your feet in the sand while the sun shines, be on top of a clifftop overlooking the sparkling turquoise water of the Mediterranean, celebrate in a secluded location while the sun goes down?
• Privacy. Bear in mind that not all the restaurants on the Island can be booked exclusively for your special day and the popular wedding venues will charge you a premium if you want exclusivity. But the good news is that there are some restaurants which are designated exclusively to weddings and this means they secure a high level of privacy also in high season.
• Wedding packages. Take into consideration what you are getting for your money. Ask the restaurant what is included in the wedding package, and if there is any extra costs. Some venues may charge an extra for open bar.
• Closing Time. It is very important that the restaurant yield a margin of at least 2-3 hours after lunch or dinner to enjoy the dance. If you are planning to host your reception in the evening, bear in mind that by law there is a midnight curfew for outside music, so it’s useful to check that your beachside venue has an interior party area if you wish to continue dancing into the night!



Countryside Agroturismo. Across the Island, traditional farmhouses are being converted into stylish rural hotels and are becoming popular venues for hosting country style weddings, thanks to their laid back atmosphere and the deep connection with Ibiza’s beautiful landscape.

If you have always dreamed of getting married surrounded by fruit trees and colourful flowers, then you should consider these key points:

• Rural setting with a unique atmosphere. To make your decision easier, consider the style of each agroturismo. What you like the most, a lavish wedding in a stylish boutique hotel, an intimate celebration in a traditional finca with a homey feeling, or a unique celebration with a hint of exotic atmosphere?
• Wedding Package. The agroturismos are an ideal option if you are planning to extend your stay on the Island with family and friends, in fact accommodation options can be included as part of your wedding package. On the downside, some agroturismos do not have their own kitchen and you should consider to hire a caterer. Find out here How to find the right Caterer on Ibiza.
• Privacy. Wedding reception are usually set in a secluded area. Unless you have reserve the whole accommodation, the hotel’s facilities will be also open to other guests.
• Closing time of the agritourismo is even more limited than restaurants. Between 0:00 am and 2:00 am. As always keep in mind the restriction on music outside after midnight.


Luxury Villa

Private Villa. Wedding celebrations in stunning villas are becoming pretty popular on Ibiza, they not only provide all-in-one location but are also a great option for a wedding week extravaganza with friends and relatives. If intimacy, exclusivity and comfort is what you are looking for, then you should consider the following key points about hosting your romantic day at a private villa:

• Location, location, location. To pick the perfect property for your special day, take into consideration the location of the property. Would you like to hold your wedding reception overlooking the sea or celebrate with a unique countryside escape?
• Wedding Package. Villas are the ideal choice as they provide a home away from home, where you and your guests can spend some quality time together. The villa owner/rental agency should be able to provide reliable wedding providers and offer complementary services as part of the wedding package. Ask if there is a minimum stay of nights.
• Privacy. This is probably the best option, as the only people present are you and your guests.
• Closing Time. No need to rush, as there is no closing time. Just make sure to schedule appropriately food and drinks with the catering service and the entertainment. Always bear in mind that all outdoor noise has to be finished at midnight. Music can then continue indoors at a reduced level.

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