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Wedding MUST-have details

The key to a very unique and personal wedding? It lies in the little details! We’re pretty sure that you are constantly pinning your favourite wedding details and sharing the most inspirational to your Pinterest board. Looking around we’ve noticed that there are some pretty popular items which you should incorporate into your special day, small touches that make any celebration more personal and unique.

Custom Hanger

Personalised Dress Hangers are becoming pretty popular. Who doesn’t love seeing their beautiful wedding dress hanging below their soon-to-be married name? There are so many choices in bridal hangers, from the simple rustic wooden hanger to the more romantic wedding hangers, there are choices for every wedding style! They make a lovely detail for the picture of your bridal gown plus, once the big day is over, you can pop it in your wardrobe to hang your special dress and keep it as a lovely memory.

Wedding Bouquet

Wild Flower Bouquet is an aesthetic in full bloom. Instead of having a traditional rose bouquet or a single flower bouquet, you can choose to mix flowers that look as if they could come from the garden. The style has to be unstructured and wild, but don’t let the ‘wild’ part fool you. This kind of flower arrangement is just as dreamy and sophisticated as a traditional bouquet.

Suspended decor

Suspended Décor. The sky is the limit in decoration as centrepieces and food are no longer confined to the tables and lights are no longer confined to the walls. Hanging floral arrangements, food displays and other decorative elements like parasols and ribbons are becoming pretty popular on Ibiza.


Lanterns and Candles. If you want to turn your wedding venue from nice to simply stunning, you’ll probably need to take a more “illuminating” approach to the decor. If you celebrate outdoors you can incorporate stylish Moroccan lamps and hang more soft and romantic paper lanterns between trees. Candles are also a good option to create an enchanting atmosphere and illuminate pathways.

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