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Wedding colour guide: Choose the perfect hues for your wedding

Choosing the perfect hues for your wedding is about more than looking good in photos. Colours have a range of visual, cultural, and emotional meanings that can add beauty and significance to the occasion. Ibiza provides stunning backdrops of turquoise sea, white sand and blue skies. This guide to colour meaning will help you choose gorgeous tones that complement the island’s natural splendour and enhance your special day.

Yellow: Yellow is the colour of sunshine, making it an ideal element in your wedding palette. It is warm and cheerful, with connotations of joy, happiness, and energy. This can be a great choice for a spring wedding when the Ibiza campo is filled with fields of wild yellow flowers.

If you choose bright yellow think “ray of sunshine” rather than Big Bird. Stick to accents like sashes, flowers, or wraps offset by a contrasting brights such as orange or poppy. Pale butter yellow is gentle enough to play a larger role, such as bridesmaid or flower girl dresses. Save it from looking too frothy by adding bold accents such as burnt orange or copper.

Green: Ibiza is an island where you find green of every hue. The colour is traditionally associated with growth, fertility, harmony and safety making it perfect for weddings. It can provide a gorgeous contrast with sand and sea for a beach ceremony, and will pop against the white walls of a village church.

For spring/summer weddings delicate shades of green like sage or olive evoke the island landscape and lend a cool touch. You can accent them with deeper shades like juniper or bottle green, or a striking colour like aubergine. Dark green is a sophisticated choice for an autumn or winter wedding, mingle it with creamy white, gold or rose pink.

Red: This bold colour is often considered too dramatic for weddings, but in emotional terms red can be a wonderful choice. It relates to passion, sensitivity, energy, and love which are all traits to celebrate. The key is to avoid post-box or fire-engine red, which is more sexy than romantic, and focus on clear, bright shades like magenta, cherry or even hot pink. Dresses in these colours are stunning against white and turquoise which makes for fantastic photos. If you prefer a subtle hit of colour they are perfect for accenting neutrals like ivory or cream, or dark colours like plum or navy.

Blue: If there is one colour we associate with Ibiza it is blue, which signifies stability, trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, and truth. Bring this positive emotional energy into your wedding with a colour scheme that mingles different shades of blue. Choose colours like cadet, blue-grey, cornflower or teal that complement but don’t compete with the aquamarine of the sea.

Navy and midnight blue are strong accent choices, as are deep tints like aubergine or scarlet. Blue pairs well with either gold or silver and the metallic hues add a pleasing edge to the gentleness of the primary colour.

The most important thing in choosing colours for your wedding is that they mean something to you. Whether it’s a combination of your favourite tones, or a palette chosen for its emotional significance, the end result should be something that is comfortable, expressive, and suits your personality.

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