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What to wear to an autumn wedding: women

It isn’t just the bride who has to worry about her dress. Wedding guests also have to choose something elegant to wear, and what that is varies widely depending on the season. Summer weddings in Ibiza are easy. Find a pretty sundress and you’re good! Come autumn (and winter) the cooler weather and tranquil mood calls for different outfit choices. Here’s how to find your perfect Ibiza wedding outfit in five easy steps.


The first thing to consider is where the wedding is taking place. If your friends have booked a place by the beach, it will call for a very different look than a wedding in the countryside. Think practical elegance: If you’ll be by the sea choose a shorter dress that won’t collect sand, and perhaps something with drape to flutter in the breeze. A floor-length cocktail dress is appropriate for a chic villa affair.


Autumn gives you the gift of options. Since the temperature is cooler you can opt for long sleeves or high necklines, giving you a greater range of looks. Classic cuts such as a stylish, comfortable wrap dress are a good option for low-key ceremonies. For formal affairs, a corset-bodice or off-the-shoulder gown will stand out. You can also embrace the Ibiza vibe with a maxi dress, or opt for an elegant full skirt and silk blouse combo.

Colour & texture:

Ibiza is full of intense colours in the autumn. Echo nature’s profusion in rich hues that are eye-catching without being gaudy. Burgundy, navy, dark olive and gold are timeless options. You can also evoke the sea with rich turquoise or aquamarine shades. Shades of grey evoke cool elegance in anything from smoke to charcoal. Or mix things up with a bold print or graphic.


Sky-high heels may be a staple of city weddings, but with the laid-back Ibiza atmosphere comes greater flexibility. If you’re attending a sea-side wedding you will want something you can walk in, or slip off easily. Wedges offer greater comfort without sacrificing style, and come in styles ranging from ultra-modern to easygoing. Ankle boots are a fun option for autumn. Embellishments like studs or pearls add a playful touch.


The last thing you want at a wedding is a lot of stuff to drag around. A slim clutch bag, or jewelled purse with a long shoulder strap should be enough for essentials like phone, keys and make-up. Other accessories such as hats and gloves can add a timeless touch to your wedding outfit. We love the look of a soft flapper-style beret, or a cheeky fedora. The key to autumn accessories is luxurious, appropriate materials. Soft leather, rich suede, velvet, and sumptuous cashmere add instant style and comfort to your outfit.

What’s your favourite autumn wedding look? Share in the comments.

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