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What to wear to an autumn wedding: men

It isn’t just the groom who needs to look his best. As the guest at a wedding, you want to show up in an outfit that is appropriate, stylish, and will show up well in photos. During the summer in Ibiza lighter is better — think cool fabrics and breezy white shirts — but with autumn comes the opportunity for more creativity. Here’s our guide to getting dapper in five simple steps.


Autumn is one of the loveliest seasons in Ibiza, so even beach weddings are an option. Check the invitation and ascertain where the ceremony and reception takes place. If you are at the beach, choose lighter, more relaxed attire and more casual shoes. If the wedding is at a posh villa, opt for a sleek, sophisticated suit. Should your friends get married at an agrotourismo or country house choose a smart but less formal outfit.


Men’s fashion used to be suits, suits, and suits. Fortunately, times have moved on and there are more options available. You want to have a look that complements the atmosphere of the wedding. If it’s a chilled-out hippie affair, leave your three-piece suit at home. If your friends are aiming for modern glamour, don’t turn up in linen trousers and a Hawaiian shirt. Take a cue from the wedding invitations, as the couple will usually specify whether dress should be formal, smart, relaxed, etc.

Colour & texture:

Embrace the more relaxed spirit of Ibiza with adventurous colours and textures. Autumn is a great time to break out russet, olive green, navy, charcoal grey or aubergine. Adding a tie, cardigan or scarf in a timeless hue will add a dash of elegance. The cooler weather means you have more fabric options, too. For suits, think light wools, herringbone, or tweed. If you’re attending a casual wedding you can replace a collared shirt with a fine-gauge sweater in merino or cashmere.


There are certain basic rules about male footwear like, don’t wear brown shoes with a black suit. However, there is plenty of room for creativity and comfort. Traditional lace up Oxfords are suitable for any wedding, from formal to casual. If you want something with a bit more flair, brogues or Chelsea boots are classic looks. In Ibiza, you may also find more relaxed styles, such as deck shoes or desert boots, appropriate depending on your overall outfit.


If all that springs to mind when you think “accessories” is handbags and necklaces, think again. Men accessorise all the time, they just don’t always realise it. Accessories such as hats, scarves, handkerchiefs, watches, cufflinks, and ties are integral to creating a stylish, pulled-together outfit. At the very minimum, wear a great tie in a luxurious fabric, and your best watch. The key is to choose quality accessories that add dimension and interest to your look.


What’s your idea of the perfect wedding outfit? Share in the comments!

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