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Ways to use your favourite songs, lyrics and artists in your wedding ceremony

Music is a great way not only to add a touch of your style, taste and personality but to help you to express yourself and to say how you are feeling.

Have you ever sent someone the link to a song or video, or written them some lyrics to tell them just how much they mean to you? Either because you can’t find the words, or you’re too self-conscious to say them, because it sparked a memory, or perhaps you just heard something and it fitted your relationship SO perfectly that you knew you couldn’t have said it better yourself?

This happens to me all the time, for all of the reasons above, and more! That’s why I think music is an amazing tool and resource for you to use on your wedding day.

How can music be incorporated into your ceremony?

As a Celebrant, I love finding out my couples’ favourite artists and music tastes and coming up with lots of suitable suggestions for songs that may work for their wedding ceremony. If the lyrics say and capture exactly what you want them to, they can be included in numerous ways – as readings, vow ideas, written into your personal story, or played during your ceremony at the beginning, end or during your certificate signing.

Using song lyrics is an amazing alternative to the classic wedding readings. Normally readings are read out by your Celebrant/Officiant, or a member of your family or friends (however, remember that there are no rules – it’s your wedding day so you decide on how things are done, shake things up however you like!). Maybe you will decide to read something yourself, or you could use the lyrics in your wedding vows, for a personal and unique twist. Using lyrics from a song that you have memories of together makes your vows feel very private too – even when spoken out loud in front of many people, because like an inside joke, no one else truly knows what the words mean, except you.

Justin Timberlake ft Alicia Keys – Morning Light

Where to start?

If you like the idea of adding a splash of personality and style into your ceremony with music, a good starting point for inspiration is to think about any specific songs you and your partner enjoy listening to together or have significant memories of.

Don’t rule any out immediately because you don’t think they are “wedding-y” enough. It could be a song you danced to in a rave, a rock band you saw in concert, or a cheesy classic that is always playing on the radio station you listen to in the car. Write them all down and look up the lyrics, or search for other songs by the same artist or genre, until you find something that you feel represents your personalities, your relationship and your uniqueness.

You don’t have to use them exactly as they are, if you find certain lines you like, highlight them, take out ones you don’t like, and shuffle the order or mix and match.

Read out the words slowly as you go along, thinking about your wonderful partner as you do. You will know if they feel right to you as you do this.

Listen to these…

Here are a few of my suggestions of songs with beautiful lyrics, listen to them and read the lyrics, and start having fun researching your own favourites!

Jason Mraz – Best Friend

Bryan Adams – We Found What We Are Looking For

Coldplay & The Chainsmokers – Something Just Like This

Beyoncé – Flaws and All

John Legend – All Of Me

Jack Johnson – Better Together

Savage Garden – I Knew I Loved You

Get in touch

If you have any recommendations for me of songs or lyric choices that you used on your wedding day, or that you are thinking of using, I am always looking for new inspiration, so I would love to hear them. Or, if you would like to involve a certain artist or musical genre into your wedding day and you are having trouble finding something suitable, please get in touch with me – I love what I do and so many parts of my role as a Celebrant have also become my favourite hobbies, so I would be happy to help!

Danielle Alex
Your Day Ibiza

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