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The ultimate checklist for your Ibiza wedding

Destination weddings in Ibiza are wonderful. Think sea, sand and sparkles. But if you’re not close to the destination where you are going to get married, things can get a little complicated. To make sure you have everything covered, we’ve decided to put together our handy checklist – which covers the whole process of getting married abroad.

  • Let there be love – Congratulations! You’ve found each other and you are deeply in love. It’s now time to celebrate!
  • Among all the beautiful spots for weddings abroad, you’ve decided to get married in sunny Ibiza. You met on the island whilst on holiday with your respective friends and therefore the island has played an important part in your love story, or you are regular holiday-makers who fell deeply in love with the island vibe… whatever the reasons are, well done, Ibiza is always a good idea!
  • Set the vibe – Now that you’ve picked your most perfect spot in the world, it’s time to look at the details: time it properly (in a previous post we help you find out about wedding seasons in Ibiza), check the legalities, what type of ceremony would you like (church & Christian blessing, spiritual ceremony),  set your budget, compile your guest-list (intimate wedding or a blast of a party), decide if you need the help of a wedding planner.
  • Pick the venue – with all the beautiful venues available how do you decide? Luckily for you, you don’t need to visit all of them to find the right one. In a previous post “Mini-Guide to Ibiza wedding venues” we help you narrow down the choices depending on your needs and dreams. Then we advise to book your flight to Ibiza to see your favourite ones, get the feel of the ambience and surroundings, make sure to understand what you are getting for your money, and lock down the one you like the most. THEN you can set the date…
  • Save the date. Before proceeding with the planning make sure to have set the date for the ceremony and the reception. You can now choose your stationary and wedding favours.
  • All things edible – the yummy part! It’s time to think about the food, plan your menu and design your dream wedding cake. If you’re getting married in a villa or on board of a yacht, it might be a good idea to book a second flight to the island to come and visit the caterers; ask what is included in the wedding packages and find out if you can try the food, THEN you select the one you like the most. 
  • On island details – Confirm florists, photographer, hairdresser & makeup artist, entertainers and transportation – if needed. Take time to have a look at various portfolios, arrange video calls to have a feeling – it’s important you feel comfortable with the ones you pick. THEN you book the ones you like the most. If you are lucky on your second visit to the island, you can schedule appointments to meet with the florist and the photographer, to speak about the details. Arrange a trial beauty session with your preferred hairdresser & makeup artist, to test out and finalise the look you want on your big day. If matching together all these appointments is not possible, you can always plan a third visit. 
  • What to wear – Pick your wedding dress, find your bridesmaids dress & groomsmen outfits.
  • Invitations and confirmations – send out the final invitations and gather confirmations to get your final guest-list. It’s important to officially confirm your number of guests to the venue/caterers and think about possible accommodation for your guests.
  • Enjoy – After all this planning allow a little time to just breeeeeeeathe! Always bear in mind that people run their business on the “Island time”, so don’t get stress and enjoy every minute of your planning. Enjoy your wedding, your honeymoon, your marriage, your life!


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