Type of alternative wedding ceremonies

By Maddalena Scarpellini | 30th January 2017 | Blog categories: Ibiza News & Info, Planning Info, Wedding Blog

The ‘Magic White Island’ of Ibiza is a very special place with a strong spiritual ethos of freedom and respect. This vibrant spirit attracts so many couples to the beautiful island and inspires a longing to express quite freely their love, desire and feelings within their ceremony of marriage. A bespoke ceremony created especially for them.

This liberal attitude is also reflected within the type of wedding ceremonies which couples can organise on the White Isle. The marriage ceremony is the very purpose of, and most significant part of the wedding day; it is the very pivot upon which everything and everyone moves. This is your chance to express just who you are as a couple and it signifies the beginning of your marriage life.

When you consider starting to plan your ceremony it is important to consider some basics. How long should it be – long enough to be interesting, and not too long to be boring for the guests. Many people choose an Ibiza wedding in order to avoid the formal traditional religious ceremony. A Spiritual ceremony (based on the love between the couple) maybe the answer, or possibly a Humanist ceremony (based upon mutual respect). Some choose a Buddhist ceremony which reflects Buddhist wisdom and once again the love between the couple, while others take parts of each, add an input from their chosen religion or faith.

It’s important for you as a couple to find your own style; quite simply there isn’t a right or wrong ceremony, there is only the one that best echoes the beliefs and feelings between the two of you. If you want to know more about unity ceremonies have a look at our post “4 Alternative unity ceremonies“, you might find the right wedding ritual to finish your vow exchange with a more personalised twist.

The length of the ceremony can vary depending on the couple’s wishes. Some may be as little as 20 minutes, some will celebrate for over an hour. It’s just a matter of deciding what you want to incorporate into your ceremony. Traditional, non-traditional, build your own format, include guests, include musicians or singers…

In “Wedding ceremony outline” we present the different components of a wedding ceremony and point out that there is absolutely no reason why you cannot change things around (and of course, add or omit things) because… it’s your wedding—do what feels comfortable to you… and enjoy!