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Top 10 things you should ask your Celebrant before you book

What is your wedding Celebrant style?

Every Celebrant has their own style and way of doing things, make sure to meet with a couple to see which one fits best with the atmosphere you want to create on the day, and the one you feel you can connect with the most. It is likely that you will need to open up to this person in order for them to create a beautiful, personal script for your wedding day, so make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed in their presence.

Can we help create the ceremony?

Have you already got ideas of things to include, how you imagine it going, or you’ve found some great inspiration on Pinterest and want to know if it can be included? Ask if its possible for these things to be included, or how much input you can have.

How long do your ceremonies usually last?

Celebrant held ceremonies can last anywhere between 10 to 50 minutes, depending on the celebrant, the additions you want to be included in your ceremony, and your personal preference. Think about how long you would like it to be and ask them what their average or minimum time is, and how this is reflected in the price.

Do you have a backup if you fall ill or can’t make it?

In the unlikely event that your Celebrant can’t attend your ceremony due to illness or an emergency, it’s good to know if they have someone to act as a backup, to give you the peace of mind.

How many weddings do you book per day?

Some Celebrants will book numerous weddings in one day, others book only one. Find out if they have any other ceremonies booked for your date, and what time they are, so that you are aware of their schedule. They will normally plan to be at your ceremony a certain amount of time before, so that they can make sure everything is prepared, find out if and how their schedule may affect this.

What will happen on the wedding day?

Ask them what their normal routine looks like from arriving at the venue before the ceremony, what happens prior to your arrival, the preparation involved, what will they wear? If you would like them to stay for some photos afterwards, is this possible? If they are providing you with anything to keep from the ceremony, how will this be done?

What are your qualifications/experience?

Ask them for testimonials, reviews or videos of previous ceremonies they have performed, and details of their training, experience and what they do to keep up to date and knowledgeable in their role.

How are your ceremonies structured?

What is their process for creating each ceremony? If you want to be involved in the creation, find out what is possible and how it works. Or, maybe you are incredibly busy or don’t want to do too much in regards to the organisation of it and are happy for them to take the reins, is it necessary to get involved or can they do it without too much communication?

Some Celebrants will provide templates to choose from, others will send questionnaires or organise frequent meetings. While some keep it quite formal, others will include stories and light-hearted moments. Get a feeling for what feels right for you and go from there.

What happens if we need to change date or cancel after booking?

Of course, this is a worst case scenario but it is best to be aware of the situation. Sometimes couples do need to change their date due to unforeseen circumstances, postpone or cancel.

What is the latest date you can cancel? Is it possible to postpone and how does it work? Are the payments refundable?

What are your fees, and what is included in the pricing?

An obvious question and one you will normally ask at the very beginning of your contact anyway, but an incredibly important factor.

Make sure that you find out what you get for your money, i.e. rehearsals, writing time, any equipment they include and if there are any additional costs to consider – such as extras that can be added on, or any payments that they could incur for lateness on the day or last-minute changes.

And don’t forget to ask about the payment schedule, how it can be made and when the final payment is due.

Finding out the answers to all of the previous questions will give you lots of information about the service that the celebrant provides, and how their pricing reflects this.


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