Top tips to plan your destination wedding in Ibiza

By Maddalena Scarpellini | 28th October 2015 | Blog categories: Ibiza News & Info, Planning Info, Wedding Blog

Among all the Islands in the Mediterranean, Ibiza is probably one of the best choice for your destination wedding, not by chance, Ibiza has it all: blue sky, turquoise water, breathtaking sunset, delicious food, lovely weather and crazy nights out!

Below you can find some tips to make things easier for planning your dream destination wedding on this beautiful Island.

  • Let’s do the paperwork. Get married abroad will involve some research about legal requirements, documentation you may be required to submit and how to register your marriage in your country of residence. Once you’ve done the paperwork, it’s time to to decide what type of celebration you want: religious? civil? spiritual?  See our post The Legal Situation Regarding Getting Married On Ibiza for more comprehensive details.
  • Visit the Island. Whether you have never been to the White Isle or you are a regular holiday-maker, if Ibiza is your dream destination wedding, we kindly recommend to plan at least a couple of trips before setting your heart on the idea of getting married here. On the first trip, you’ll need to scout and secure your key venues and vendors. On a second trip you’ll need to schedule tastings with your caterer, plan a hair and makeup test and finalise all the important details. We also recommend to schedule your visits for the season you want to marry in. Not only the Island changes a lot depending on the season, but you will also have a real sense of how it will be on your special day with regard to the weather and the Island vibe.
  • Time it properly. The summer season on Ibiza corresponds with the popular tourist season, which means that there are typically more crowds, fewer venues available, and higher rates all around the Island. If you choose to get married during high season, make sure to book far in advance, both the accommodations and the celebration sites. By planning widely in advance, you can secure group discounts and your guests will be able to book their flights before prices go up. If you choose to get married right before or after the high season, you may be able to save yourself and your guests some money and still enjoy great weather. If you pick the low season, you will make sure to have less tourists on the Island and cheaper rates, but your choices might be reduced as not all the venues and vendors are open for business. See our post Wedding Season on Ibiza for a more comprehensive details.
  • Keep your guests finance in mind. At your destination wedding you can invite all your friends and families, but don’t expect all of them to come. Many may not be able to afford the costs, or may not be able to get so much time off. Regarding costs, you don’t have to feel obliged to foot the bill for any of their travel expenses. If you have the founds to offset some of your guest’s expenses, there’s no reason not to do it, it would certainly be nice of you and they will appreciate you even more. But if you can’t afford it, don’t worry! Most of your guests will understand and they know that you are already taking care of many wedding costs.
  • Vet vendors carefully. Start by searching vendors online, check their portfolios and their references. Then make sure to understand what will you actually get for your money, take time to read all the details in the contract and plan at least one trip to meet them in person. It’s important that you feel comfortable with all your vendors as they will become almost your best friends! You will be leaving a lot of decision in their hands, as you will not be able to be here on the Island the whole time, so it’s important to trust them. If you can’t arrange a trip to Ibiza, before contracting the vendor, make sure to schedule at least a couple of video-calls, so you get a sense of who you are dealing with and their personality, before you sing the contract. As planning a wedding abroad can require a lot of effort and time it would be a great idea to hire a wedding planner, someone you can trust and can meet with potential vendors on your behalf and brief you on your options, as well.
  • Remember your are on the Island time. One of the thing you will learn about Ibiza is that people run their business on the “Island time”. So forget about checking constantly your email and keeping an eye on the clock, as the motto is “things happen when they happen”, so don’t take a vendor’s laid-back attitude for incompetence. Just schedule regular check-ins and then trust your vendors to work their magic.