More Than Skin Deep: Alternative Therapies for Bride and Groom

By Maddalena Scarpellini | 6th March 2017 | Blog categories: Ibiza News & Info, Wedding Blog, Wedding Ideas

Wedding planning can be stressful, even some place as laid back as Ibiza! Luckily the island is home to a wonderful array of alternative therapists who can help you refresh, revive, rebalance and realign your chakras (if that’s your thing). Usually pre-wedding body care rituals involve hair, nails and make-up – which can leave the groom feeling left out. These therapies are suitable for both brides and grooms, and will help both of you feel your best, while sorting out any niggling stress or strains from all that wedding planning.

Thai Stretching Massage: This is an invigorating yet relaxing style of massage that is rather like being put through a series of yoga poses. It works into your muscles and joints so you feel limber, energised and flexible making it a perfect warm-up for a night of dancing.

Acupuncture: The Chinese have used acupuncture for thousands of years to balance the internal energy called qi (pronounced: chi) in order to maintain physical and emotional health. Acupuncturists access and heal specific problems by inserting super-fine needles at the correct points in the body, tapping into the qi channels. Some people don’t like the idea of the needles but acupuncture is painless and incredibly relaxing. It is also great for relieving nagging aches and pains, or repetitive strain from addressing too many invitations!

Cupping: If you can’t stand the idea of needles you might like cupping. It is another ancient Eastern healing art that combines elements of acupuncture and pressure point massage. The practitioner uses small suction cups applied at various points on the body to invigorate the blood, release tension and stimulate healing. It can take a couple of hours for the suction marks to disappear after a treatment so don’t schedule this right before the ceremony!

Crystal therapy: Ibiza is an island rich in magnetic energy, according to legend, which means that crystals are supposed to be especially effective here. Therapists use different crystals for vibrational energy to enhance your well-being and get your mind and body in tune for the big day. Your practitioner can use specific crystals to focus on generating the qualities you want to take into your marriage. For example, rose quartz for love and citrine for light and happiness.

Sound healing: Sound healers use tools like singing bowls, gongs or tuning forces to create sound waves that will soothe, elevate and align your mind and body. Unlike the other therapies mentioned, sound healing doesn’t involve physical contact so it is a great one to try if you prefer something “hands off” or want a last-minute treatment you can indulge while you’re getting dressed or putting the final touches on your look. A sound healer can also strike the right note for your guests to begin your ceremony, evoking the harmony of your happy partnership.

Whatever treatment or treatments you and your partner choose, the simple act of taking time for yourself in the midst of your plans and preparations will help you relax and enjoy your once-in-a-lifetime celebration.