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Six ways to make your lesbian wedding special

In Spain same-sex marriage has total equality with heterosexual marriage, meaning lesbian couples enjoy exactly the same rights and privileges as their straight counterparts. But you don’t have to have the same rites just because you have the same rights! A wedding should be a unique expression of your love and personality — not just a carbon copy of tradition.

Here are some ideas to make your lesbian wedding special.

By the book

One great way to make your wedding special is to invite your guests to bring photos, cards or other mementos to make a wedding-day scrapbook. This twist on the traditional wedding album gives your friends a chance to share their memories of your relationship, and to include happy moments and good wishes for you and your bride’s future.

Dress for yourself

Dressing for a wedding does not have to mean wearing a wedding dress. Make your wedding outfit memorable by finding a look that is just right for you and your partner. You can both wear white dresses, both wear coloured dresses, both wear suits, or choose distinct outfits. Choosing outfits that coordinate, rather than match, creates striking visual appeal while letting your individual taste and style shine through.

Mixed seating

In traditional ceremonies the bride’s family and guests sit on one side of the aisle and the groom’s on the other. Since you are bride-and-bride, why not ditch this old habit and encourage your friends and family to meet and mingle? You can alert your guests with a sign, announcement or note on the invitation. Another option is to skip the aisle convention all together and have a wedding in the round. You, your partner and the officiant stand in the middle of a circle of your loved ones, creating a beautiful, harmonious moment of unity.

Rainbow decor

You can celebrate the colour and history of same-sex romance by lavishing your wedding with rainbow decorations. Some ideas we love are rainbow-hued centrepieces, rainbow streamers, napkins and linen in rainbow colours, and accessories like rainbow jewellery. Your imagination is the only limit!

Have your cake

You’re not having an ordinary wedding, so why have an ordinary cake? Have fun with this part of the ceremony by bringing a new twist to convention. Create an eye-catching cupcake tower frosted in all the colours of the rainbow; or a “cake” of pink and white frosted doughnuts; or a turret of your favourite sweets.

Celebrate freedom

Marriage equality is just a few years old. This means you and your partner are among the first people on earth (historically speaking) to who can publicly and legally declare your love. Your wedding is a chance to celebrate this amazing fact. You don’t have to make a big speech. A simple acknowledgement will add a profound emotional moment. You could even encourage desks to make donations in your honour to organisations or charities dedicated to defending equality.

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