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Six ways to make your gay wedding special

Same-sex marriage has equal rights and privileges with heterosexual marriage in Spain, meaning gay couples enjoy legal entitlements as their straight counterparts. But having the same rights doesn’t mean you should have the same rites! Your wedding should be a unique expression of your relationship.

Here are six ideas to make your gay wedding special.

Make a weekend of it

Why cram everything into one day? Ibiza is the perfect place to host an unforgettable wedding weekend. Invite your closest friends to join you for a magical two days of beaches, fine food, wine, sunsets, music, and dancing. Need more reasons? Discover these 5 reasons to have a destination wedding in Ibiza

Pamper yourself

Ibiza is a great place to indulge in spa visits, facials and body treatments. Make sure you look and feel your best for the big day by booking in some sessions of your favourite treatments. A day at the spa is a perfect way to relax with your partner before your guests arrive, and getting body treatments such as massage or acupuncture will give you a glow of well-being for the ceremony.

Forget the favours

There are lots of creative ways to save yourself the time, expense and hassle of choosing and buying wedding favours (and spare your guests toting them home). You can use the money to make a donation to a marriage equality charity, or use it on something that won’t take up space in a suitcase — like a film-screening for your guests, or taking the whole party bowling.

Style it your way

In straight weddings, the woman’s dress is the centre of attention. In your wedding, your style is on a pedestal! Be creative and embrace the chance to let your fashion sense shine. You can wear coordinating suits or tuxes, of course, but there are loads of other options to explore. Since you’re in Ibiza, consider a more casual look and make it special by wearing pieces from your favourite designers, or custom accessories. If you do go the suit route, consider investing in a bespoke or tailored suit instead of something off-the-shelf. A perfectly cut, quality suit will last for years and be a reminder of your happy day.

Celebrate gay culture

You are part of the first generation of guys who have the legal right to marry. That is a BIG DEAL in the best possible way! Your wedding is a chance to celebrate and honour not just your relationship, but the love and dedication of gay couples throughout history who cherished each other despite social hostility.

Put a record on

Electronic music has been entwined with gay culture from the beginning. Whether you hark back to the glittery days of disco, the pioneers of U.S. house music like Larry Levine, or the contemporary fabulousness of parties like SuperMartxe and LaTroya, love and music have always gone together. Add your wedding reception to the list of Ibiza’s most stylish gay parties by choosing a great local DJ who can spin music from all these memorable eras.

What’s your best idea for a stand-out gay wedding? Share in the comments?

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