Rainbow Wedding Theme

By Maddalena Scarpellini | 18th May 2017 | Blog categories: Wedding Blog, Wedding Colours + Themes

One of the trends that we have seen popping out quite often on instagram & pinterest is rainbow weddings. From bridesmaid’s dresses to bouquets and cakes, colours are spreading throughout every aspect of the celebration.

Take a look at these ideas for pulling off this colourful and cheerful multi-coloured theme, without going too far over the rainbow.

Bridesmaid dresses & groomsmen accessories

Here you can play as much as you want. If you want to go all the way out – send your ladies down the aisle with dresses in different rainbow hues (either bright colours or soft tones), you can even go one step further by having colour coordinating bouquet. Or you can take it down a notch by picking a more plan dresses and then add pop of colours with accessories and flowers.

And for the boys, add some fun, with playful socks and matching boutonnieres that add a crazy rainbow splash. If you want a more casual look, how about colourful shorts – especially on those hot summer days!

Image sources: Elizabeth Messina / Maria Lamb / Jordan Brittley / Krystal Zaskey Photography


Your wedding flowers are the easiest and possibly one of the most beautiful ways of incorporating rainbow into your wedding. Pick blooms that are a variety of different colours, using the brightest shades. Discuss with your florist which flowers are in season – Summer will be the best time of the year for colourful petals, but this theme is still fab for any season.

Image sources: Lara Hotz / Ana Lui Photography


One of the best things about a rainbow wedding theme is the fact that there are so many colours and cake designs to choose from. If you want a simple white wedding cake, why not decorate it with extravagant sugar flowers in bright colours, or surprise your guests with an unexpected rainbow inside! For some real bright instead, rainbow ombre cake is such an oversight. If you want to add the latest trend in wedding cake you can always opt for a naked rainbow cake. So delicate and cute!

Image source: Artisan Cake Company / Lady Aga


Sometimes simplicity is the best answer when it comes to decorating your wedding. Using ribbons or tassels from the colours of the rainbow is a simple, unique, and classy way to add rainbow decor to your wedding and reception.

 Image source: Shutterstock / Scott Clark Photo / Gypsy Westwood Photography