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Quiz: Find your ideal Ibiza wedding season

Your wedding should reflect your tastes and preferences in every way possible. That includes being held at the perfect time of year for you. Ibiza has four seasons:

• Off-season: November to March
• Low season: April, early May and October
• Mid-season: Late May, June and September
• High Season: July and August.

Take our quiz to help you figure out which best suits your wedding style, taste and budget. For each question just select the letter for the option that best describes you. Use our key at the end to find out your best match! Then hop over to our Wedding Season Guide for more details.

Setting: Your ideal wedding venue is…

A) Luxury villa

B) Village church

C) Beach

D) Beneath an olive tree

Temperature: You like to be outdoors when its…

A) Baking

B) Brisk

C) Mellow

D) Fresh

Exclusivity: You want your wedding to be…

A) Star of the show

B) Invitation-only

C) Laid-back

D) Talk of the season

Privacy: Your wedding photos will be available on…

A) The Daily Mail website

B) Lavish colour prints

C) Instagram

D) Facebook

Scenery: Your favourite thing in nature is…

A) The sea

B) Blossoming almond trees

C) Sweet scented pine trees

D) Fields of green grass and wild flowers

Accommodation: Your want to…

A) Hire massive villa with your closest friends

B) Take over a resort

C) Book a hotel

D) Have adjoining flats for the wedding party

Catering: You dream of…

A) Taking over your favourite restaurant

B) Dining at an exclusive agrotourismo

C) Catered three-course meal

D) Hog-roast

Entertainment: You plan to…

A) Hire an A-list DJ

B) Rock around the iPod dock

C) Get your disco-loving mate to spin some tunes

D) Book a band

Budget: Your pockets are as deep as…

A) The Grand Canyon

B) Pockets

C) Bathtub

D) Swimming pool

Convenience: You can handle…

A) Nuclear meltdown

B) Orderly queues

C) Fender benders

D) Lost luggage and crying children


Mostly A: High season is perfect for you

Mostly B: Embrace the tranquil Off season

Mostly C: Enjoy the ease of Low season

Mostly D: Join the buzz of Mid season

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