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Questions you should be asking your Ibiza Photographer

The venue is booked, you’ve been over to Ibiza a handful of times and now you’re getting excited to begin your planning. So the next step is to begin thinking about the other important elements. One of these is your photography. You’re going to be sharing a lot of your most important moments with your photographer and a lot of your wedding time. So it’s fair to say that you need to feel confident with them. To make sure of this we have asked Anne of Ibiza photography to put together a list of questions you should be asking your Ibiza wedding photographer…

What are the Timings?

Make sure your venue provides you with your wedding timetable in writing. Even if it’s a rough guide you will need it to hand to make sure your photographer can provide a full coverage. Most photographers will provide hourly packages so it’s best to know in advance how long you will need your photographer for.

How long has your photographer been working with weddings?

They may have a wealth of experience in another field but wedding work is very specialist. You want your photographer to be able to deal with all situations so it’s important to find this out.

How long have they lived in Ibiza?

Do they know the Island and the venues like the back of their hand or have they just arrived last month? There are a lot of people advertising themselves as experienced photographers but local knowledge is key.

How well do they know the island?

It may seem a trivial point but if your photographer is late because they got lost it can change everything. You also don’t want a flustered photographer who is trying to catch up on their work. It impacts on you and can completely ruin the mood!

How many pictures will they take?

Every photographer is different but I would be suspicious of one who promises lots and lots of images. You want quality not quantity and a photographer who knows instinctively what makes a good image. Not one who takes 50 pictures of 1 thing just in case.

How long will I wait for my pictures?

Editing is a lengthy process and takes hours so it’s safe to say that your images will not be ready before you fly back home. However nor should they take months to come back to you. This suggests an over worked photographer who has taken on far more than they should have. Definitely something to avoid! So make sure you get a clear idea of when to expect your pictures. Ane if you have a do back home 2 weeks after you get back always ask if it’s possible to provide a few images which you can show. It shouldn’t be a problem.

Are the images mine?

I know, this seems obvious but some photographers will hold on to the rights to your photos. You should ensure that they are at least shared so that you have full control over what you do with your pictures. If for any reason you don’t want your photographer to use them then do say so in advance.

Can we meet before the day?

Some wedding companies will merely assign you a photographer, they will be part of your wedding ‘package’. Your first contact will be when you arrive at your wedding so by then it will be too late to make sure you like them and their style. Always ask to be put in contact and always insist on meeting them. If you’re dealing directly then your photographer should want to meet up, organise this as soon as you know your dates for coming over.

What happens if they’re ill? Can your photographer be replaced should the worse happen?

Always find out if they can source a good backup if for some reason they’re unable to make it on the day.

What equipment do they have?

You don’t need to be a camera expert to know that a professional photographer should have some decent equipment and above all they should have spares of each item. Camera failure does happen, especially in this heat so anyone turning up with just 1 is asking for trouble!

Hopefully, this will cover everything you will need to know. Ibiza wedding photography is a fast growing sector with lots of different skill levels so armed with these questions you should be assured of booking the best you can and above all you’ll make the right decision for you.

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