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Put a ring on it! How to choose your gemstone engagement ring.

Gemstones have always been related to magic and healing properties. Over time many myths and powers have been associated with the various gemstones, while the symbolic meaning behind each stone has been handed down from generation to generation. It comes as little surprise, therefore, that a belief that certain gemstones have a positive influence on love and marriage has been passed through the centuries to modern times.

When choosing your engagement ring, the most important thing to bear in mind is that your ring will represent the magic of love that you share with your partner! Nonetheless, we know that choosing the ideal gemstone is not an easy decision. For this reason we have put together our mini-guide to the most popular gemstones chosen for engagement rings. We hope it will prove valuable in the search for your gem of love.

A good place to start is to recognise the fact that not all gemstones are appropriate for an engagement ring. Before you choose your gemstone you should consider several factors, for example, the gemstone’s hardness, potential to become opaque (cloudy), and overall clarity and appearance. We feel pretty sure that you would prefer a stone that will continue to sparkle and shine long after your engagement is made official.



As the hardest gemstone, diamonds remain the most popular choice for engagement rings. The durability of the stone is associated with the durability of a good marriage. It is said that diamonds bond relationships and enhance love. The stone is used to bring the energies of emotional clarity, purity and eternity to bear.






Sapphire is considered to be the stone of success, wisdom and truth. Couples have chosen Sapphires engagement rings throughout time, because the symbolic meaning of the stone relates to relationships based on faithfulness and sincerity. This gemstone has been associated with royalty for centuries, indeed Kate Middleton’s engagement ring is a sapphire.






Emerald symbolises abundance and provides balance and patience. In addition to its healthy effects, emerald cleanses the spirit and pushes away negative forces. Once a favourite gem of Cleopatra, the emerald became popular in modern times with Jackie Kennedy, in fact this green coloured gemstone was her engagement ring of choice.






If you are interested in something more fiery, ruby is your ideal gem. It might not be the first stone that comes to mind when thinking about an engagement ring, but there is no other stone that symbolises love as much as the ruby, and not just for its red colour. It is said to bring luck in love and long lasting passion and affection






There are brides who want to be different and mark that difference by choosing a less popular gemstone. One of these is the amethyst, which is considered to be the gemstone that represents high thoughts and spiritual love.




Hopefully, armed with a little background knowledge, you can now choose the right gemstone for your ring – based on your personal taste, the meaning of the stone and your own unique personality…

Have you already decided which gem will grace your finger?

Happy gem hunting!

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