Private rental sector enjoying a boom on Ibiza

By alexdeluxe | 26th November 2014 | Blog categories: Ibiza News & Info, Wedding Blog

Statistics revealed this week show that the private holiday rental sector is booming on Ibiza and Formentera. This year 506,525 visitors declared that they had stayed in this type of accommodation, whereas the figure for 2011 was just 256,008.
A further 300,000 visitors to the islands described their accommodation as ‘other’ than the options suggestions, but the authorities believe that most of these ‘others’ were also private rentals and the visitor concerned was not keen to specify, possibly for either tax or legal reasons.
If their assumption is correct this would indicate a total of 800,000 tourists staying in private rented accommodation. To put this in perspective, the islands’ hotels have accommodated approximately 1.6 million visitors each year since 2011 with no increase in recent years.
It would appear that the major part of the increase in tourist numbers over the last few years have chosen privately rented accommodation rather than the traditional holiday experience.
Another sector which has grown is that of visitors staying with family or friends. This has been quantified at around 242,000 people to which can be added another 134,000 staying in their own holiday property.
All in all, an interesting insight into how the tourist market of Ibiza and Formentera is developing…