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Pre-Wedding Beauty Tips!

Once you have sorted your wedding dress, your shoes and accessories, it’s time to think about wedding beauty. On your big day it is impossible to avoid being the centre of attention, from when you walk down the aisle, to the ceremony and so far to the last moment of your reception: the dance as a newly married couple. You will be the star of the day, so put modesty apart and enjoy your moment.

To make sure you look flawless on your big day, it is important to follow a pre-wedding beauty routine. With our beauty tips you will feel more relaxed, your skin will look clean and glowing, your hair soft and shiny, your body delicately toned and your smile bright and fresh. Let’s start, it’s time to get gorgeous!


Begin a stress-relief plan. We know that planning a wedding can bring a lot of stress which might affect your body and mind. For this reason we suggest to take some time for yourself in preparation for the big day: reserve at least one night a week for some fun with your friends and quiet time with your future husband. It’s important to disconnect, at least for couple of hours, from the “To Do” list! During the months leading up to your big day enjoy some not related wedding activities: spa treatments are a good idea to rejuvenate your body and be less stressed out.


Get serious about skin care. Your wedding is actually the perfect excuse for some extra pampering! It’s important to start a good cleansing and moisturising program. If you need some professional help, consider consulting a dermatologist or making appointments for monthly facials. By scheduling monthly facials you can really refresh your skin and keep your skin looking healthy for your big day.


Take care of your nails. Let’s say it: as soon as you got engaged, your hands became the centre of attention with everyone asking to see the ring. It’s important to schedule regular manicures before the big day to ensure your hand are looking their best.


Start paying attention to your nutrition and drink lots of water. Beauty starts from the inside, this is why it’s important to eat well and drink lots of water. For your big day it’s important that your skin looks healthier and you feel lighter! Try to stay away from sugar and processed food, instead eat more fresh food, lots of vegetables and fruits, these will help you keep your skin clean and glowing.


Start exercising, if you don’t do it already. Book training sessions with a private personal trainer or sign up to a gym. It might sound like an obvious suggestion but work out on a regular basis will help you boost your energy, lose weight and feel better! Try practicing yoga, the postures will help tighten and firm your body whilst releasing stress and relaxing the mind.


Work on your picture-perfect smile. You want beautiful teeth for all those pictures you’ll be posing for, but we also know that you will need a lot of coffee while planning, which will definitely won’t help you to keep your teeth white..So consider to visit a dentist for a whitening treatment. Otherwise if you prefer a more do-it-yourself approach, opt for whitening toothpaste and White strips.


Make your hair soft and shiny. Talk to your stylist to plan your hair-care routine, for an extra-glossy finish, tone down frizz and boost shine. If you are planning to change your style or have a new colour for your big day, then plan it far ahead, we will recommend at least six month in advance.

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