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Studio Mr. Smith

Mr Smith has always been in love with art and photography.  A real passion that he has cultivated through his studies and work experience as an Ibiza Wedding Photographer.

When he first moved to Ibiza he was so inspired by the beautiful natural light of this enchanting Island that he could not resist and any moment was a good opportunity to take his camera out and capture the magical atmosphere. He soon realised that the essential beauty of Ibiza lends itself to be a picture perfect backdrop for the sweet memories of a special day, like a wedding.

He love capturing the little things that make each wedding unique, because he knows that bride and groom have spent months thinking of and planning all the personal touches to express their style and personality.

Most of all he likes to capture the emotions while the couple and the guests are enjoying their special day: the giggles, the timid smiles between bride and groom and the big hugs.

His approach is natural, relaxed and spontaneous. Mr. Smith aims to capture your wedding story as privately as possible and he is available depending on your needs. He can be there from the morning preparation, among the smiles and the nervous laughs with your bridesmaids. At the ceremony when you realise that you have done it, you are finally husband and wife. At the reception party when you let go the stress and it’s all about having fun with your friends and family.

Tell him about your plans for the day and get in touch with your Ibiza Wedding Photographer.

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