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Ibiza Ceremony

A Marriage Ceremony is both an affirmation, as well as what you hope for in the future. It is special for everyone because it confirms that love and harmony exist in the world.

Having a spiritual ceremony in Ibiza makes it even more special. At our Ceremonies we like to acknowledge this by celebrating the love between bride and groom, as well as the love that is all around us. We thank the divine in all of us, and how it is reflected in the magic of bonding with another human being. We prefer nature Weddings, as we like to bless the surrounding nature for acting as our perfect “church”.

The Bride and Groom can speak vows that they have written themselves if they wish, or they can be supported by their Celebrant in choosing their vows.
Our style is relaxed and friendly, with a focus on making the Bride and Groom feel at ease and truly inspired in their Celebration of Love and Union.

First we discuss in person, or by phone and email, what kind of Wedding Ceremony you want. You might want a very alternative Ceremony or a more traditional one.

There is great latitude in how your Ibiza Wedding can unfold. Together we can make your Wedding truly unique to you. As Wedding Celebrant our job is to take charge, or to relinquish control, depending on what you want.
Our goal is to be there for you 100% to provide the spiritual and literary elements.

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Ibiza Ceremony

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