Ibiza Wedding Guide: Ibiza Candle Shop

Ibiza Candle Shop

Ibiza Candle Shop offers enchanting and unique handcrafted wax lanterns to create a romantic and magical atmosphere at your wedding.

Not only do they provide a selection of beautiful products, but they also enjoy a great reputation around the White Isle. They work with prime wedding venues and supply their products to many events taking place on the island, including locations such as luxury villas or even on board of private yachts.

Ibiza Candle Shop’s wax lanterns come in a range of different sizes, colours & shapes – you can choose from the traditional bowl, cylinder or square lanterns, or opt for more modern shapes like a cone or the captivating “UFO” model.

The lanterns can be used as elegant and attractive centrepieces, or their soft glow is ideal to light up stairs, line walkways and illuminate wedding aisles. The popular bowl lanterns are designed to float in pools and are the perfect piece to create an eye-catching feature to surprise your guests, especially if the celebration is held in a private villa.

Their products can also be customised by printing or engraving with your own personal wedding message.

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