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Dia D-Ibiza

Ibiza is the ideal setting. Your wedding will have the magic touch you are looking for… and Dia D Ibiza wedding planner, is your bespoke wedding planner service.

Every tiny creek, every country field, every sunset has a colour, something special… That’s why in Dia D-Ibiza, we care of every detail of your wedding day. We offer breathtaking sceneries… So bride, groom & guests will enjoy all the magic of the island and bring the best memories back with them.

As your Ibiza wedding planner, we provide a wide range of stunning venues, both for ceremonies and wedding receptions. Exclusive villas, countryside hotels, to gather family and friends in an ideally suited location for all of you. Restaurants and Beach Clubs for feet in the water wedding. Schooners for your wedding on board…

We organize religious (catholic, jewish, ecc), secular and gay weddings.

We provide a wide range of furnitures and accessories for classy, cosy and trendy decorations.

We offer all the services your wedding requires: catering, photographers, hairdressers, transfers, M.C’s., accommodations, ecc.

As choosing a wedding planner is all about feeling, we propose you a free first meeting (over the phone for no residents), no compromise. This will help us both to know each other, your goals, and settle your wedding project. After that first meeting, we will give you a first project scheme, for free. For a global wedding organization or any simple matter, we are by your side.

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