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How to pick the right wedding entertainment

As soon as you tell your friends and family that you’ve decided to get married in Ibiza, the first things on their mind will be – party! And that’s a statement of fact, as Ibiza is THE party capital of Europe. Many talented artists, acrobats, dancers, singers & musicians have made this beautiful island their permanent, if not, second home. So, delighting your guests with wedding entertainment that’s fun, memorable and enjoyable will not be a problem.

Finding the perfect entertainment for you is a matter of surfing online and thankfully, Scarlett Entertainment is here to help you. This global agency, founded by Becky and Ben Marks in 2009, specialises in providing high quality entertainment for wedding & events. Over the years they have supplied more than 8,000 acts for events all over the world. Representing a large roster of acts specifically in Ibiza, they work with a wide selection of talented musicians, Djs & performers – encompassing every aspect of your wedding from the ceremony, to the drink reception and straight to the evening party.

There is no doubt about it: entertainment plays a big part in your wedding day – great shows make everything extra special and the type of entertainment you choose, can set the tone of your wedding and solidify a theme. And bear in mind, it’s a thing that people remember most!

You should consider what type of entertainment suits your personal taste, budget, the space of your venue and the ambience you want to create. If a sunset ceremony, with chill-out music, cava and canapés is your style, then you should definitely opt for calming entertainment, like string quarters, pianists, harpist or violinist to create a delightful ambience. If at the reception, you want to give it all and dance all night long then a Dj or a live music band is definitely your choice.

Bear in mind that the music can make or break a wedding celebration. It’s the heart and soul of the reception, that can turn your guests for being “happy feet” into “painful ears”!

If you are celebrating at the beach and want to add that extra wow factor, you should consider hiring a fire show. It’s something unexpected and extremely beautiful, especially if your celebration is at night – a fun idea that will create fantastic memories for you and your guests.

Ideally you should always want to see the entertainment in action before commit to it, so you can get an idea of what you are getting for your money. Don’t be afraid to ask for any demo or video and let them know what you are expecting on your big day.

Fire show

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