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Personalised gifts: ideas for one-of-a-kind wedding present

Finding the perfect wedding gift can be a challenge. In the past, when the couple was setting up home together for the first time, giving household items was practical. These days, many couples live together or have homes of their own, meaning they don’t need a new toaster or duvet. Personalised gifts that reflect your friendship with the couple are more meaningful.

Here are some ideas for one-of-a-kind wedding presents.


Photos are an enduring personalised gift that will prompt happy memories. The two key things here are choosing a great photo and getting it beautifully printed and framed. If you have a great image of the happy couple, or they have a favourite photo, you can get it blown up and professionally framed. Another option is to get a professional image of a scene that has sentimental value to them, such as their favourite holiday spot or their Ibiza wedding location.

Personalised planter

Plants are a wonderful gift for a new home as they literally bring life into it. Browse online for shops like The Present Tree which deliver gorgeously packaged living plants, accompanied by an engraved plaque. Choose a plant that has special significance: pomegranate trees are a traditional symbol of love, for example; and a potted olive tree would make a wonderful memento of an Ibiza wedding.

Kitchen accessories

The new couple probably doesn’t need mixing bowls or drinking glasses, but they will love personalised kitchen accessories. Think bottle stoppers with their names and wedding date; bespoke cheese boards; or engraved decanters. Cutting boards, wine coolers, and coasters are also easy to customise and will be enjoyable reminders of their special day.

Soft furnishings

It’s hard to have too many cosy throws or plump cushions, especially if they are designed with couple in mind. There are plenty of wedding-memorabilia options available, such as throw cushions printed with the couple’s names and wedding date. Or you can get creative and buy them something that represents a shared interest or memory. Think cushions printed with photos of Ibiza scenes, or personalised his-and-hers throws in their favourite colours.

Unforgettable experiences

If you’re struggling to think of something for the couple that has everything you can always help them make happy memories with the gift of an unforgettable experience. If they are foodies, how about a cooking master class or a fabulous meal at their favourite restaurant? If they love cocktails, why not send them on a distillery tour? If you’d like to get them something Ibiza-specific, you could send them on a Jeep safari, treat the couple to a day out on a private yacht, or buy them a night or two in their dream Ibiza hotel.

Personalised gifts take a bit of extra thought, time and effort, which is exactly what makes them so much fun. They are a great way to show how much you care about your friends and wish them well for the future.

Do you have a great personalised gift idea? Share in the comments!

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