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How to nail your first dance

Your first dance is one of the highlights of the reception. It’s your first turn around the dancefloor as a married couple and it sets the tone for the whole party. Given this is Ibiza, you want your dance to be memorable for all the right reasons. But don’t get stage fright. Even if you were born with two left feet these five simple steps will help you nail your first dance.

Do: Choose a song you love

It might sound obvious, but you should definitely take time to choose a song that you and your partner love. There are lots of classic wedding tunes (take a bow, Lionel Richie!) but ultimately your choice of music should reflect your taste. Think about songs that were important at different points in your relationship: something you heard on your first date, your first anniversary, or the night you decided to marry. You can write the ‘story behind the song’ and include it on the running order.

Do: Decide how to play it

Are you going to be deadly serious and take months of lessons? Or are you going to hit the floor and let the spirit move you? If it is important to you to have perfect, polished fancy footwork you will need to invest a lot more time than if you’re prepared to freestyle. Also consider the venue. Don’t invest a lot of time and money on fancy choreography if you’re going to be ankle deep in sand. On the other had, if you’re having a formal white-tie wedding, it may appropriate to have a structured dance.

Do: Practice

Whatever approach you take, it’s important to practice. Even if you’re keeping it casual, you want to get comfortable moving together. The last thing you want is a dozen videos of you and your beloved stepping on each other’s toes as you try to catch the rhythm. On a similar note, it’s a good idea to practice in your wedding shoes, so you know exactly what moves those high heels can handle.

Don’t: Get too fancy

Professional dancers can do all kinds of beautiful, astonishing, gravity-defying moves. Unless you are a professional, don’t imitate them. Otherwise, you might wind up like the unfortunate British couple who, in a moment of romantic abandon, decided to recreate the famous lift from Dirty Dancing. They ran full tilt at each other… crashed together and wound up in hospital. Thankfully, not at the actual wedding. Needless to say, they reconsidered their choice of first dance moves.

Do: Keep it light

Stepping out as a couple is a wonderful moment to cherish. Don’t let stage fright steal any of your joy, and don’t feel like you have to remain the centre of attention. You can invite your family and friends to join you whenever you feel comfortable sharing the floor. There are few things more joyous than dancing to your favourite song, surrounded by the people you love all having a great time so cut loose and have a laugh.

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