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Love the earth – Tips for an eco-friendly wedding

There is so much to think about when planning a wedding that you might think, Who has time to be green ? The truth is, though, there are lots of small, easy adjustments you can make to have an eco-friendly wedding. This will give you the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping preserve the environment of our beautiful island, while enjoying your special day. The bonus is that many of our eco-friendly wedding tips are budget-friendly too. So you can help the earth and save money!

Wed in spring or autumn

Choosing to get married during a mild time of year reduces the amount of energy you need to heat or cool the wedding venue, villas, your guests hotel rooms, etc. It also means less traffic on the road, cutting down on pollution and congestion while you run your wedding errands. Not to mention that it is a nice boost for the local economy.

Choose recycled rings

Show your love for the earth by choosing an eco-friendly ring as the enduring symbol of your marriage. Rings using recycled metals and vintage stones are a great way to go green. You can find many beautiful options online or have one custom made for an extra-special personal touch.

Get digital

You want the most beautiful wedding stationary possible, including save-the-date notes and invitations. Instead of printing invites, you can save paper and add an extra touch of sophistication by sending professionally designed digital invitations. These are are far more likely to be cherished and shared than their analogue counterparts, discover them: “5 wedding apps and websites

Hold the reception near the ceremony

Cut down on transport cost and pollution by holding your ceremony and reception within walking distance of each other. If possible, hold both events near where the wedding party is staying to further reduce the need to drive.

Rent & recycle

Rent dishes, cutlery and glasses instead of using disposable items. This will save a mountain of rubbish. There will be lots of bottles when the party is over. Be sure they are recycled properly!

Choose enduring decorations

When planning your decor think of items that can be reused afterwards. Instead of cut flowers for centrepieces use potted plants, carriage lamps, or other durable decorations. Use real table-cloths. Instead of ribbons or paper streamers use flower garlands that will biodegrade.

Collect gifts back home

Wrapping, transporting and shipping gifts can cause a big environmental impact. If you have family and friends travelling to attend your wedding ask them to leave the gifts at home so you can have the happy anticipation of collecting them when you return.

Eat local

Cut down on your wedding dinner’s carbon footprint by choosing delicious local produce and wines. A good chef will be delighted to cater a feast with local lamb, seafood, vegetables, fruits, cheeses, and cake. Serve Spanish wine and cava. And toast the end of your special day with a bottle of hierbas Ibicenca.

Give wisely

Wedding favours are a lovely tradition that is very easy to make it eco-friendly. Instead of giving trinkets think in terms of consumables like Ibiza salt, coffee, dried dates, or miniature bottles of hierbas. Flower or herb seeds are also a lovely option. Your guests can go home and grow their own Ibiza rosemary or basil, to create a sweet-smelling reminder of your wedding. For more ideas read “7 Edible Ibiza Wedding Favours

What are your best ideas for showing love to the earth on your wedding day? Share your green wedding tips in the comments or Tweet Ibiza Wedding Guide!

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