Things You Should Know About Working With Ibiza Wedding Planners

By alexdeluxe | 11th December 2014 | Blog categories: Planning Info, Wedding Blog

Once you’ve succumbed to the lure of Ibiza as the perfect venue for your wedding, it’s time to start dealing with the finer details.
The practicalities of making it all happen; from arranging a wedding date for the civil formalities, to then neatly slotting in the choosing and booking of the perfect accommodation for your wedding night, and that of all your guests, all the way through to finding an appropriate vehicle to deliver you to your grand entrance at your wedding ceremony, and later to whisk you off to your wedding night – and of course everything else in between!

Organising a wedding involves an incredible amount of work to ensure that you’ve thought of every little detail, and ensuring that everything arrives in the right place at exactly the right moment. If you’re the kind of person who’s inclined to worry about things, or you really don’t have enough spare time to be constantly on the phone to Ibiza dealing with people speaking Spanish – or perhaps you already have a full time job? In the end you’ll probably decide to employ a Wedding planner.

For a start they’ll have all of the necessary contacts and speak sufficient Spanish to ensure that there will be no misunderstandings. As professionals, they’ll also know the local market rates and secure the best deals for you. They will also carry more weight with suppliers, especially if the supplier is providing for multiple weddings on your chosen date.

Obviously, they won’t choose your guest list and the seating arrangements, or send out the invitations. And don’t expect them to choose your wedding dress…

What they will do for you might include:
• Helping you to choose and book your perfect accommodation (this could be a country or seafront villa, maybe a 5-star hotel’s bridal suite)
• Booking the perfect location for the actual ceremony, plus the decoration and table layout
• Reserving the best restaurant for your reception, or a catering service for your perfect location
• Finding you a really good photographer
• Organising your flowers
• Arranging transport for your guests for the wedding and the duration of your honeymoon
• Sorting out live music, DJs and other entertainers
• Arranging rehearsals of the ceremony, even at the venue itself, if you don’t mind spoiling the surprise?
• Arranging brunch for the day after, and for the days after that, tickets for the clubs or other entertainment and bookings at restaurants of your choice for you and your guests

Not all will provide all of these services, but all will be able to provide you with a quotation for the services that they do offer. This will be in addition to full details, timings and assurances that they will keep you updated on the progress of planning your special day.
The latter point is perhaps the most important, if you’re one of those people who is inclined to worry about things…

So when it comes to making your choice of Wedding planner, bear in mind that they will become your new ‘best friend’ over the year to come – yes it can take a year to organise a wedding on Ibiza! This is because the island has become so popular as a wedding island over recent years. Consequently, the most popular venues are booked up well in advance. The same can be said for the best hotels and villas, not to mention the actual wedding venue that you choose.

A good Wedding planner will need to get to know you and gain your trust, as they have to understand what you really want and come up with the right results. This trust has to be won with other members of your family too, as they will inevitably want to feel involved in such a personal, once in a lifetime project – just ask your mum?

Fortunately, nowadays international communication is a lot easier than it used to be – think Skype and WhatsApp. So, even if you can’t get out to Ibiza as often as you would like, to see your planner and the venues being proposed, you can easily and cheaply keep in close contact.
A really good planner may even help you to choose your wedding dress, if you ask nicely?