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Ibiza Weddings: Villa vs Venue – Pros and Cons

You love Ibiza and you’re planning to make it your perfect wedding destination, congratulations by the way! You’ve made the right decision 🙂

The first and most important thing to consider is where. You probably have a favourite spot or an area you’ve visited time and again and absolutely love. With any luck there will be a beautiful villa or breathtaking venue in just that place but which should you choose? Both seem great but which one would ensure an amazing wedding just right for you…  Well don’t worry, you now have our one stop checklist to ensure you decide on the right place for your special day in Ibiza.

Image by Ibiza Photography – Anne Walker

The Villa Wedding…

There are 100’s of amazing villas in Ibiza just waiting to wow you and your wedding party, a quick search will uncover a head spinning variety. These are our must know tips to consider whether an Ibiza villa is right for you.


  • Privacy. This is the main reason for most villa wedding bookings. It really is just you and your group which is a big plus point on an otherwise busy island.
  • Exclusivity. The house and grounds are just for you, there are no other weddings taking place that day which can happen at a venue.
  • Accommodation is included and you’ll be able to spend lots of quality time with your other guests before and after the wedding.
  • Pre and Post wedding celebrations. Always a lovely touch before the day so that the invited can get to know each other and then afterwards so that the celebrations can continue.
  • Your wedding is your own. You have complete control over your decor and style which ensures individuality.


  • You will have lots of space to have family and friends stay with you but that means you will have very little time with each other.
  • Town halls and their enforcement agents in Ibiza have noisy events firmly in their sights. If your villa doesn’t have a sound proofed party room then 12 midnight will be the latest you can have your outdoor celebrations.
  • Celebrations have the habit of getting a little rowdy, remember if anything gets broken it will be your deposit that it will come out of. Not a good end to your holiday.
  • Ibiza villas can be a touch difficult to get to. In fact the more exclusive can quite often mean the most treacherous to reach. Make sure you check this out before making any bookings.
  • You may have to hire an outside planner which is another task in itself. Do you have time to not only choose your villa but also decide on a planner you feel will do your wedding justice?
  • Cleaning… your catering company will take care of the kitchen but what about the rest of the house? Do you really want to wake up on your wedding morning faced with having to drag a black bag and a mop about?!

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 Image by Ibiza Photography – Anne Walker

The Venue Wedding…


  • It’s the full package. Most Ibiza venues will be able to provide you with an in house planner & decorator and will also have access to a long lists of useful suppliers. This is quite often a big plus when considering how much time you may have to dedicate to sourcing each element yourself.
  • They will take care of the tidy up. You can enjoy your wedding then turn your back and waltz off into the night safe in the knowledge that you won’t have to pick up a thousand beer cans the next day 🙂
  • They will plan and lay out your ceremony. This can be a major task on your own. Chair and arch hire, host, decor it can be a big job which most venues can easily tackle.
  • A late finish. Not all venues have this option but most will be able to accommodate a party or know where you can head on to afterwards.
  • They are the experts. Literally they are. These people organise weddings for a living and as long as you investigate the forums and choose wisely you won’t be disappointed. Your villa wedding will likely be organised mainly by you and your partner. If you’re not wedding planners and you don’t speak spanish you’ll see that very quickly things can turn a bit stressy.


  • The personal touch may not be as achievable. You will more than likely be presented with a list of options to choose from which removes a certain individuality from the day.
  • Price. Some of the more popular, read trendy venues can be outrageously expensive. If you’re considering a July or August wedding prices can also double. Make sure you get quotes for everything you’re going to need before deciding.
  • Restrictions. You may have to keep a pace with what your venue wants, they will be there gently coaxing you along but some places can seem a little strict especially on timings.
  • Flexibility. Or lack of! You may find your venue quite rigid when it comes to different decor options or using a supplier you have chosen rather than them. Check first to see what their policy is.

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