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Hot new wedding catering trends

This week we had a chance to catch a glimpse into the latest catering trends widespread at weddings around the White Isle. Today’s wedding reception ideas go way beyond traditional sit-down meals or a buffet. Nowadays couples have many more options to choose from.

Wedding food has become more playful and creative. Try out one of the following ideas for a fresh take on delicious food and serving options.

Family style copy
Sit-down dinner are still pretty popular even if the trend is to arrange a less formal dinner. The idea is to re-create a casual family dinner, which allows guests to feel more comfortable. Guests enjoy each wedding menu item served on large platters or dishes to each individual table. Passing the plate and encouraging conversation, guests have the chance to socialise. The menu will usually feature fresh seasonal products.


Tapas Galore

After all you are planning to get married in Spain, the home country of tapas and Mediterranean flavours! This is a great idea to provide a variety of flavours while still keeping the menu tied together – it’s all Spanish food! Your choices are endless; from paella cups, Polpo a la Gallega , Jumbo Shrimp skewers to the classic tortillas. Serving tapas at your reception is the ideal choice if you want a casual wedding, where guests can mingle easily, without having to sit at the same table throughout the whole reception.


Food Truck

In the past food trucks were used as a fun way to serve guests quick bites for cocktail hour or desserts. But over the past couple of years food trucks have become incredibly popular at outdoor weddings, giving a modern twist to the traditional buffet service. More and more couples are going all out by deciding to serve the main meal in this creative way.



This style of catering has become very popular with the increasing popularity of villa weddings. It’s the ideal choice if you want to recreate the casual feeling of celebrating with friends and family at home. Barbecue reception are the ideal choice if you are planning to get married in an old Ibicenca finca in the beautiful countryside. To enhance the atmosphere you should highlight the countryside feeling with rustic table decoration, wooden signs and wild flowers.


Food station

Give your guests the chance to customize their own food. You can choose to set up several stations with savoury flavours (cheese, breads, nuts) and the more classic sweet options (donuts, cupcakes and ice cream). Give your guests plenty of toppings to choose from. Make it unique with creative displays and fresh ideas.


Veggie options

Nowadays it’s a given that at a wedding, it’s provided at least, one or two vegetarian options. But long gone are the days when vegetarian meals were synonymous with boring in fact more and more catering services provide incredible vegetarian menus that even meat lovers will love! A few of our favourites are: veggie sushi, falafel sliders and Vietnamese veggie rolls.

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