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Ibiza wedding on a budget

You are thrilled about planning your dream wedding on the beautiful island of Ibiza, but we all know that the White Isle is not one of the most affordable wedding destination in Europe. The island is becoming increasingly expensive, and of course weddings are following the same direction. Even if you are dreaming of an intimate wedding, barefoot on the beach with a simple ceremony and reception, don’t expect this to come cheap, but if you plan carefully, well in advance and you have the right wedding vendors on your side, then you will be able to save some money. 

Your wedding should be about your marriage and not about the wedding, but we do understand that you want to create an amazing event. After all, it should be one of the best days of your life! 

So let’s see how you can pull off your dream wedding in Ibiza without going broke:

• Timing is everything – Bear in mind that in summer prices go up. So if you are trying to save some money you should consider planning your Ibiza wedding off season which correspond to winter time. If you go for this time of the year, you will benefit from substantially lower prices! If you pick autumn or spring, overall costs will still be a lot cheaper than at other times of the year. Have a look at our post “Wedding Season on Ibiza” for more comprehensive details about season, availability and prices.

• Early booking – Planning your wedding far in advance provides several benefits. First of all you can secure group discounts, then you and your guests have all the time to monitor flights and secure it before prices go up. In the past getting to Ibiza off season was not so easy, there were few direct flights (if any) and the only way to get here was by booking connection flights. But here’s a good news, things are changing and the island is boasting more and more direct flights, also in winter! Here you find a complete list of direct flights in winter & summer:  Where can I fly to directly from Ibiza in Winter & Summer?  Early booking helps also if you are planning a villa wedding, here’s an insider tips – many rental villa company do early booking discount, especially if you book between November and December you might get up to 15% off! So keep your eyes open after the summer season for some bargains! 

• Priorities – We understand that you may have a limited wedding budget, so make sure to splash your cash in the right places! Try to break down the wedding budget and keep this question in mind – is this ….. non-negotiable for my wedding day? If the answer is yes, but it will put you over budget, just cut down in another area that matters less to you. And if it isn’t a deal breaker, then find another pick that you’re sure to love just as much.

• Packages – Try to opt for a package. Whether it’s the food, the photographer or the location. If your are planning to get married in a beach restaurant, agriturismo or hotel ask if the venue comes with an onsite planner. If the answer is yes, the services are probably included in your package, or can be for a small additional cost. Vet carefully what’s included and what is not and if you have the chance try to bargain on it. Wedding vendors in Ibiza are very open minded they will try to cater their services to your needs, but don’t try to be too cheeky, always be considerate and make sure to understand why they prices their work the way they do and value their effort.

• Double up. Try to stage your ceremony and reception in the same venue, this will cut costs  – if you choose to get married on a cliff top and then have the reception in another venue, you need to sum up the expense in transportation. You can also go one step further with booking a private villa or hosting the wedding in an hotel, this will reduce costs as you will have accommodation, ceremony & reception all under one roof!

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