Planning your wedding in a private villa

By Maddalena Scarpellini | 22nd July 2015 | Blog categories: Planning Info, Wedding Blog

If you are planning to get married in a private villa on the beautiful island of Ibiza and celebrate in a romantic and intimate venue, there are few things that might come in handy knowing before booking the property of your dreams.

Celebrate a wedding in a villa is increasingly popular on Ibiza. More and more couples choose this location instead of celebrating in an hotel or a restaurant due to the several benefits offered by a private venue:

Ensure privacy. Beach wedding, hotels and restaurants do not ensure the same intimacy and privacy as a private villa. If you are celebrating in Ibiza in a public venue during the high season, chances are that you will have strangers taking a look at what is happening.
Accommodation. You can go for villas with several bedrooms or guest houses to accommodate your friends and family.
Bonding time for family and friends. A wedding in villa offers a private place to stay with your family and friends. You can celebrate your special day and also enjoy a truly unique experience throughout the whole holiday.
Exclusivity. It’s only you and your wedding, you are able to make the day completely unique, adding in little splashes of your personalities here and there. You can take advantage of exclusive service and schedule the entire event according to your wishes.
All in one. You can host both the ceremony and reception all in one place. Avoiding transportation from one place to another and waiting times.
Decoration. Hotels and restaurants have their own style, you might decide how to set the table and add some embellishment to the room but getting married in a villa gives you a complete freedom to decorate as you wish.
Flexibility. Getting married in your own private villa offers more flexibility than getting married in a public venue where you must comply with defined hours, restricted services etc.

You should get on with the planning process by investigating the cost and the legal requirements of renting a villa. If you browse online it will not take a long time to run into websites of several rental villa companies. Your eyes will shine for all the stunning properties available on Ibiza and the wide range of styles and design – modern contemporary villa, restored farmhouse, beach house, countryside finca and much more.

Some villa rental companies might offer you a great deal, but always make sure to rent your villa from reliable property agents. As you will have to pay in advance there is no way back if something goes wrong. Bear in mind that in order to rent out a villa (for weddings or not), the property needs a licence therefore to avoid unpleasant situations on your big day, always ask the rental agencies if their villas are legally registered. Also consider that if you want to have more than 25 people in a villa and play loud music on a specific day then you must apply for permission from the local town hall.

A good option to make your life easier is to seek help from experienced and knowledgeable wedding planners. They will provide you a shortlist of the most suitable villas according to your style and budget. They will also take care of dealing with all the requested permissions and the suppliers, leaving you just the fun part of organising your big day!

In our “Top5 Luxury villas” section we provide details of some stunning villas that might interest you or at least inspire you.

Before giving the final approval and proceed with the booking, make sure to plan a brief trip to Ibiza to visit your preferred villas, so that you can have a feel of how it will be on your big day. You can like a property on paper but once there you might realise that it is not the right one for you.

We also recommend to visit the venue around the time of the year that you plan to get married, not only in Ibiza the landscape changes significantly between one season and another but also if you are planning a celebration with a romantic sunset, you have to be sure about where the sun goes before setting the venue.

Some villas may have a minimum stay of 3-5nights, which is good so you can spend quality time with your friends and family but on the other side it might be expensive and not all your guests may be able to take time off work for the entire week. So always make sure to ask to the rental agencies if there is a minimum stay.

Once you pick the right villa for you, it’s time to think about the caterer, the decoration, the photographer, the music and of course the hair&beauty. Complementary services are usually offered when renting a villa for a wedding. The most reliable villas rental companies are able to put you in contact with experienced wedding planners, catering service, rent-a-car companies and all the other vendors essential for your special day. Some of the villa rental agencies on Ibiza have taken a step further, by working directly together with wedding service companies to provide you a complete experience.

Bear in mind that after midnight you are not allowed to play loud music and for this reason if you want to keep partying, it’s important to arrange transportation to one of the famous club of Ibiza. If you do not take into consideration this restriction you may get in trouble and you might end your celebration with a visit from the police.

In case you don’t want to set the entire celebration in the villa, at least you can have a home away from home where you can spend quality time with your family and friends. The villa wedding is therefore the ideal choice if you seek flexibility, privacy and intimacy. We hope you will come across your dream property.