Ibiza – the wedding hotspot

By alexdeluxe | 11th December 2014 | Blog categories: Ibiza News & Info, Wedding Blog

It seems that, in addition to boasting other innumerable qualities, Ibiza is also a wedding hotspot. It may well be because of the good fortune that formalising a life together in such a paradise represents.

It may be the sheer pleasure of celebrating love on one of the most special and beautiful islands in the world. Perhaps it is also because of how easily accessible from all over the world the island has become over the years. Whatever the case may be, the wedding factory, so to speak, has spread its white wings wide and is soaring high in the Balearic skies. Ibiza, being such a fantastic host to holiday events and tourism in general – particularly during the summer months, is naturally incredibly well-equipped to offer sensational service for all preferences and budgets. Services as delicate as jewellery design, venue preparation, catering, film production, beauty and pampering, are specifically directed here to blend the elements of the island and boost every dream wedding plan.