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Four reasons to have your same-sex wedding in Ibiza

When it comes to weddings unfortunately things are not always equal. Marriage equality has made huge leaps forward but not all locations are equally welcoming or affirmative of same-sex couples. Ibiza is one of the rare places that offers full legal rights for same-sex marriage and embraces the LGBTQ community. Here are four reasons to consider Ibiza when looking for the perfect place to marry the love of your life.


Spain legalised same-sex marriage in 2005. Its law, which was reaffirmed by the courts in 2012, is one of the most liberal in the world. It not only allows gays and lesbians to marry but, unlike some other countries, gives them the exact same rights as heterosexual partners when it comes to adoption, inheritance, and other family matters. These rights apply if you hold the legal marriage ceremony in Spain. However, even if you marry in your home country and come to Ibiza to celebrate, you can relax in the knowledge that your marriage is acknowledged and supported by both law and custom.


From Freddie Mercury bringing down the house at Privilege to George Michael lolling in the pool at Pikes Hotel, Ibiza has long been a magnet and refuge for the gay community. Ibiza doesn’t just “tolerate” gay and lesbian culture, it actively celebrates it. Love, romance, sex, glamour, dressing up, dressing down, getting undressed… it’s all part of the fun and frisson of life in Ibiza. Here, you can be yourself without fear of judgement or hostility.


Every couple deserves to celebrate their wedding in a happy, loving, relaxed atmosphere that fits their tastes. Ibiza offers both sublime tranquillity and up-all-night parties, making it easy to craft a marriage celebration that suits you perfectly. It is an ideal location for those of you who don’t want to choose between a country and beach wedding. With the coast only ever a few kilometres away, you can have both! The size and accessibility of the island makes it easy to accommodate family and friends with different preferences or needs. Where else can older relatives enjoy a peaceful seaside holiday while your friends enjoy the nightlife?


On Ibiza, you don’t have to choose between cosmopolitan, world-class amenities and a beautiful location. The island attracts superb creatives in all fields, including chefs, mixologists, stylists, designers, beauticians, photographers and designers. As you can see from a quick glance at our service guide Ibiza has everything you could possibly need for your dream wedding.

Not only can you get the usual catering, drinks and cakes, but being on Ibiza gives you access to a host of more off-beat options. From alternative therapies to eco-friendly ceremonies  to bespoke stationary there is almost no limit to the creativity and variety on offer.

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