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Day or evening wedding? 5 Steps to choose

Planning your Ibiza wedding requires dozens of decisions. One of which is, what time of day to hold your ceremony. Maybe you’ve always pictured yourself getting married on the beach at sunset, or walking up the aisle on a beautiful spring morning, or having a unique midnight ceremony. The choice is yours! However, each time of day has certain limitations. Thinking through the realities will help you pick the perfect time. Here are five things to consider.


The time of day you choose can have a big impact on how much you spend. A traditional daytime wedding followed by drinks and a sit down meal is expensive. This might be ideal for a small wedding with your family and a few friends friends. If you want a big, rollicking party with your 300 closest pals you could have a sunset ceremony then move straight to the drinks and dancing.


Moving you and your guests around the island is a key logistical challenge of your wedding. If you’re planning a daytime ceremony in summer, you need to leave a time cushion to allow for traffic. On the other hand, it may be harder for your guests to get taxis in the evening, as there is more competition from people going out to clubs and restaurants. Holding your ceremony and reception near each other can cut down on transport concerns and give you more options.

Venue availability

In Ibiza, you always have to think about supply and demand. Churches, villas and hotels are often booked for events and weddings far in advance, especially in peak season. Being flexible about the time of your ceremony could give you the edge on negotiations to secure your dream venue.


A wedding party marches on its stomach, and the ceremony timing decides how much and what you need to feed them! Daytime weddings usually mean a sit-down meal or substantial buffet, with more snacks throughout the day and at the reception. If you’d rather focus on the celebration, have a mid-afternoon ceremony, say a 2:30 or 3 p.m. ceremony, with the reception to follow and end before dinner (8-9PM). Or throw a fashionably late, post-dinner wedding beneath the stars and provide hors d’oeuvres or a snack buffet.


Let’s be honest, no matter what time of day you get married people are going to expect bubbly and plenty of libations. If you get married earlier in the day you need to plan to spend more on beverages. Deciding on your preferred beverage style can help you choose the right time without blowing your budget. If you want premium cocktails and top-shelf wine, opt for an evening do. A casual celebration with beer and easy-drinking wine could be ideal for the day. For more ideas on planning your wedding drinks, how to choose wine and 10 great wedding cocktails.

What’s your perfect time of day to get married — and why? Share in the comments!

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