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How to choose wine for a wedding

You want every aspect of your wedding to be perfect — including the drinks menu! This gives you the chance to create a wonderful personal wine list for your wedding. Choosing wines for a large party might sound intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Once you understand the different types of wine available and the basics of pairing and serving you can select the perfect wine for your wedding.

Types of wine

Sparkling: If you only serve one wine at your wedding, make it sparkle. Champagne is the traditional wedding bubbly but since you’re in Ibiza why not opt for Cava? This unique Spanish sparkler can be every bit as complex and delicious as fine Champagne, usually for a fraction of the price. Vino y Co ( in Sant Jordi has a range of Cavas from small Spanish producers, perfect if you want something unique for your wedding.

White: Chilled white is a delicious all-purpose drink for a summer wedding. Spain has some outstanding native varieties, notably albariño and verdejo. They both have a fine, clean mineral edge which works well with Mediterranean flavours like lemon, rosemary, white fish, or goat cheese salad. For rich or creamy dishes consider an aromatic white like Sauvignon Blanc or a dry Riesling.

Rose: Rose wines are a great aperitif and the pretty pink colour is perfect for weddings. Very pale Provence-style roses are great with salad courses, or to serve with fruit and nibbles. Serving them very cold is another great way to keep cool on a hot afternoon!

Red: You are spoiled for choice when it comes to red wine in Spain, so the trick is to focus on finding the best variety for your food choices. For a summer wedding with light fare consider a young (joven) Tempranillo, Mencia or Garnacha. The latter two are excellent when lightly chilled! For an autumn wedding, or if you’re offering grilled meat, pick a robust wine such as an aged (reserva) Tempranillo or Monastrell.

Fortified: Port or sherry can add a sophisticated twist to your beverage menu. Sherry comes in a range of styles including fino, which is white and very dry; oloroso, which is deeper hued and almost savoury in flavour; and ximenez, which is dark and sweet. Port can be ruby or tawny, depending on age. Port and sherry are served in small pours, usually 50ml, so you only need a couple of bottles.


The question of how much wine you should buy depends on the season, and your social circle. Experts recommend buying half red and half white for a winter wedding and increasing the ratio of white (and rose) to red for a summer wedding as more people will prefer a cold glass.

The total number of bottles depends on your guest list of course. Depending on who you ask you should plan for anything from two glasses per guest to nearer a bottle! We say, opt on the high side. If your friends like a drink you don’t want to run dry halfway through the reception. Anything they don’t drink on the day can go home for you and your new spouse to enjoy!

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