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Bridal Beauty Trends 2017

While we entering the third month of this 2017, we look at the hottest styles in bridal beauty with Giulia Make Up & Beauty. We’re obsessed with these simple yet timeless bridal beauty trends and you will be too.

Giulia explained to us that when it comes to the latest in bridal beauty, the eyes have it. With bridal makeup focusing more on highlighting the bride’s natural beauty, eyelashes & eyebrows are now in the spotlight.

Brows are getting bolder and lash extensions are the latest trend for brides that want to enhance their natural beauty and get a fuller look. But as Giulia explains to us, if a bride-to-be doesn’t want to invest much time & money in permanent eyelash extensions, she can get the same result with semi-permanent lashes that are applied directly to individual eyelashes for a natural look and feel. These lashes provide length and thickness to the natural ones and will last for a very long time.

In keeping with the natural theme, Giulia said that the trend in eye makeup is all about soft colours – consider soft pink, wash of shimmery peach or matte brown for eye shadow and liner. This meets with black eyeliner for a look that’s both eye-catching and sweet.

To complement the natural look she advised to bring out the natural colour of the lips with soft pinks, shimmery peach lip gloss or nude lipsticks. Different shades can be used, depending on the skin tone of the bride and of course the personality!

When it comes to the skin Giulia suggested that is important to prepare it for the big day with facials, peeling and glowing masks. On the big day to finish off the natural look she enhances the facial features with some contouring and brings up the glowing with a pearly makeup.

To avoid shiny faces, especially in the summer months of June, July and August – when the weather in Ibiza is very hot, she uses primer as a base for the bridal make up.

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