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Beating the heat at your Ibiza wedding

Everyone loves a summer wedding and it’s every couples dream to see the sun shining brightly on their special day. One of the reasons so many people choose Ibiza is the almost guaranteed great weather but there can be a small downside, all this sunshine comes with a lot of heat. The majority of Ibiza weddings take place between 3 and 6pm which here just happens to be the hottest part of the day. This can easily result in you and your guests suffering through the ceremony and until the sun goes down with no way to beat the heat.

So with this in mind read on to learn our top 5 creative ways to stay cool at your Ibiza wedding.

Simple yet so very welcome when the sun is beating down during the ceremony. A basket of parasols with one for each guest not only keeps everyone shady and cool but also makes for some lovely pictures.

There are lots of creative options available for fan design, a firm favourite is to incorporate the details of the day, so not only have your guests got a way to keep cool but they also have a great momento of your wedding.

Wedding Favors – Emergency heat kit.
A heat relief pack is a great idea as a gift for your friends and family. Wet wipes, sun cream, mosquito repellent cool spray etc. All these types of item are available in mini size and are guaranteed to be appreciated!

Toiletry kits in the bathrooms.
If you speak to your wedding venue co-ordinator before the day it’s usually no problem to arrange for some toiletry baskets containing deodorants and scented sprays to be added into the bathrooms.

Basket of flip flops.
Those high heels or new leather shoes seemed such a good idea and definitely looked awesome when your guests arrived but a couple of hours in the heat and everyone’s feet are sure to be complaining. Some basic flip flops will ensure your group will be cool and comfortable and more importantly set to dance the night away!

Pictures captured by Anne Walker by Ibiza Photography

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