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Ibiza beach wedding basics

Did you always dream to walk down the aisle with views over the beautiful turquoise water of the Mediterranean and to celebrate your blessing while the sun drops into the sea? Then Ibiza is the right place for hosting the celebration of your love!

In our minds beach weddings seems effortless and evokes images of hippie love fest, flip flop, easy-peasy life and freedom. But in reality getting married on the beach offers rarely the same freedom as getting married in your own villa or in a church. Luckily for you, beach weddings are at the top of the popularity list on Ibiza and your dream of seaside wedding will come true! Especially if you can count on the extra help of locals qualified wedding planners or competent in-house wedding planning teams provided by Ibiza’s beach restaurants.

• Where do you start planning your beach wedding?
• Do you need special permission for setting up a celebration in a public beach of Ibiza?
• How do you ensure privacy and avoid public disturbance?
• How can you transport at the beach all the necessary equipments for the wedding?
• Are you allowed to do both celebration and reception on the beach?
• What time is the best, in the morning when the sun is shining and you can enjoy the stunning view of the sea or at sunset when the temperature is cooler and the sun offers a breathtaking background?
• How do you deal with the legal requirements of getting married on Ibiza?

We always have to remember that beaches are public properties and a special permission is required before staging a “private do” or you will occur in an infringement of the rules. Another issue is that unless you pick an off-season date to get married, chances are that the beaches are crowded and you will share the beach with holiday-makers.

To give you peace of mind and avoid troubles, you can get in contact with experienced wedding planners which will guide you through the entire process. A local wedding planner knows how to deal with all the papers required to get permissions for setting up a wedding on a beach as well as how to arrange the whole event.

An alternative option consists in hosting your celebration and reception in a private beach of a seaside restaurant or a beach club. Hosting your wedding in any of these venues will make your life easier, while making your dreams come true. Pure Vida, Cottono Beach Club, Amante, Jacaranda Lounge and La Escollera are just few of the intimate, chic and truly romantic beach wedding venues on the White Isle.

Bear in mind that the law in Ibiza does not allow to have outdoor music after midnight, for this reason it’s important to make sure that your beach wedding celebration will not stop there but that it will continue in an interior party area where you and your guests can continue dancing through the night.

A great plus in choosing to work with a wedding planner, to celebrate in a restaurant or in a beach club, is that they will take care of every details and they will present many options for your own choices so you will have a flawless outdoor wedding with exactly what you wish.

Now that you have all the useful information on how getting married with your feet in the sand, it’s time to search for your perfect beach wedding dress and plan anything you need for your seaside affair.

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